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Thomas Hill

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  Thomas, Tom or Tommy Hill may refer to:



  • Thomas Hill (died 1557) (by 1500 – 1557), English Member of Parliament for Worcester and Heytesbury
  • Thomas Hill (Shrewsbury MP) (fl. 1749–1768), British Member of Parliament for Shrewsbury
  • Thomas Hill (Leominster MP) (1721–1776), British Member of Parliament for Leominster
  • Thomas Rowley Hill (1816–1896), British Member of Parliament for Worcester, 1874–1885
  • Thomas W. Hill (1817–1879), American politician (Wisconsin)
  • Thomas E. Hill (politician) (fl. 1967–70), American politician (Ohio)
  • Thomas A. Hill (1889–1937), American politician in the Arkansas House of Representatives
  • Thomas Hill, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in North Carolina in 2010


  • Thomas Hill (author) (ca. 1528 – after 1577), English astrologer, author and translator
  • Thomas Noel Hill, 2nd Baron Berwick (1770–1832), British peer and art patron
  • Thomas Hill (painter) (1829–1908), American painter
  • Thomas Hill (actor) (1927–2009), American actor
  • Tom Hill (born 1950), British bass guitarist in glam rock band Geordie
  • Thomas Hill (clarinetist) (active from 1983), principal clarinetist with the Boston Philharmonic and member of the Boston Chamber Music
  • Tommy Hill (Twin Peaks), fictional character in the U.S. television series Twin Peaks

Education, philosophy or religion

  • Thomas Hill (Cambridge) (died 1653), English academic, Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge and of Trinity College, Cambridge
  • Thomas Wright Hill (1763–1851), British mathematician and schoolmaster, father of Rowland Hill, the originator of the modern postal system
  • Thomas Hill (priest) (died 1875), British Anglican clergyman
  • Thomas Hill (clergyman) (1818–1891), American Unitarian, president of Antioch College and Harvard University, inventor
  • Thomas E. Hill (academic) (born 1937), American philosopher and academic
  • Thomas Hill (Dean of Ossory) (1634–1671)


  • Tom Hill (footballer) (1871–?), English footballer
  • Thomas Hill (footballer, born 1901), English footballer for Bolton United, Bradford City, and Walsall
  • Thomas Hill (footballer, born 2002), English footballer for Liverpool
  • Thomas Seymour Hill (1893–1977), Australian rules football administrator
  • Thomas Hill (hurdler) (born 1949), American track and field athlete
  • Thomas Hill (basketball) (born 1971), American basketball player
  • Tom Hill (judoka) (born 1974), Australian judoka
  • Tommy Hill (born 1985), British motorcycle road racer

Other people

  • Thomas Noel Hill (1784–1832), British Army officer of the Napoleonic Wars
  • Thomas Hill of Dennis (died 1824), Welsh ironmaster
  • Tom Hill (scout), Lenape mountain man active in the American frontier

Other uses

  • Thomas Hill, Missouri, a community in the United States
  • Thomas Hill (Hamilton County, New York), a summit located in the Adirondack Mountains of New York
  • Thomas Hill (Rotherham) Ltd, company which made and repaired road vehicles and railway locomotives
  • Tom Hill (Massachusetts), a mountain in Barnstable County, Massachusetts

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  • Hill (surname)

Hill, Thomas

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