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  Wada or WADA can refer to:


Japanese surname

Wada (和田) is a Japanese family name. The following persons are of Japanese ancestry:
  • Akiko Wada (born 1950), singer
  • , Japanese footballer
  • Ayaka Wada (born 1994), singer, member and leader of girl group S/mileage
  • Ben Wada (1930-2011), TV producer
  • Wada Ei (1857-1929) textile worker and memoirist during the Meiji Era
  • Eiiti Wada (born 1931), computer science professor
  • , Japanese swimmer
  • , Japanese painter
  • Emi Wada (born 1937), costume designer
  • George Wada (born 1978), anime producer
  • , Japanese shogi player
  • , politician
  • Juhn Atsushi Wada (born 1924), Japanese-Canadian neurologist
  • Jujiro Wada (ca. 1872-1937), adventurer and entrepreneur
  • Jun Wada (born 1973), footballer
  • Kaoru Wada (born 1962), singer and composer
  • , Japanese businessman
  • Kikuo Wada (born 1951), wrestler
  • Kazuhiro Wada (born 1972), baseball player
  • Kōji Wada (born 1974-2016), singer and songwriter
  • Wada Koremasa (1536–1571), retainer during the Sengoku Period
  • Makoto Wada (born 1936), graphic designer, illustrator, essayist, and film director
  • Marie Wada (born 1987), volleyball player
  • Masahiro Wada (born 1965), footballer
  • Masamune Wada (born 1974)), politician and TV announcer
  • Masato Wada (born 1979), actor and singer
  • Miho Wada, Japanese-New Zealand jazz musician
  • Minoru Wada, Japanese American World War II hero
  • Wada Nei (1787-1840), mathematician of the Edo Period
  • , Japanese footballer
  • Sanzo Wada (1883–1967), painter and costume designer
  • Shinji Wada (1950-2011), manga artist
  • Shizuo Wada, musician
  • Shoko Wada (born 1952), handball player
  • Takahiro Wada (born 1971), wrestler
  • Takao Wada (born 1953), racing driver
  • Takeo Wada (1882–1944), mathematician
  • Takumi Wada (born 1981), footballer
  • Takuya Wada (born 1990), footballer
  • Teruko Wada (born 1969), attorney and Girl Scouts leader
  • Tet Wada (born 1973), actor
  • Tsuyoshi Wada (born 1981), baseball player
  • Yasuhiro Wada (Honda) (born 1951), executive (General Manager of Honda Motor Motorsports Division)
  • Yoichi Wada (born 1959), executive (CEO of Square Enix)
  • Yoshi Wada (born 1943), sound installation artist and musician
  • Yoshie Wada (1906-1977), novelist and critic
  • Yoshihiko Wada (born 1940), artist
  • Wada Yoshimori (1147-1213), samurai of the Kamakura Period
  • Yutaka Wada (born 1962), baseball player and manager
  • Yuzo Wada (born 1980), footballer

Surnames of other origin

  • Inuwa Wada (1917-2015), Nigerian politician
  • Mian Wada (died 1085), Islamic scholar born in what is now Pakistan
  • Tawar Umbi Wada (1957–2010), Nigerian politician


  • Wada, Chiba, Japan
  • Wada, Nagano, Japan
  • Vada, Palghar or Wada, Maharashtra, India, an administrative division

Japanese railway stations

  • Nishi-Wada Station, a railway station in Hokkaido, Japan
  • Wada-shuku, a railway station in Nagawa, Japan
  • Wada Station, a railway station in Akita, Japan
  • Wakasa-Wada Station, a railway station in Fukui Prefecture, Japan


  • Wada (house), a type of mansion in Western India
  • WOHS, a radio station in North Carolina, United States, formerly had call sign WADA
  • WADA-LD, a defunct low-power television station formerly licensed to serve Wilmington, North Carolina, United States
  • E. Y. Wada, New York-based fashion label co-founded by Shuji Wada
  • Lakes of Wada in mathematics
    • including the Wada property and Wada basins
  • Wada as a ruler of Hälsingland, as described in the Anglo-Saxon poem Widsith
  • Wada (ethnic group), a Sudanese ethnic minority
  • Wada test, a test used to establish which cerebral functions are localised to which brain hemisphere
  • World Anti-Doping Agency
  • Wada or waada, another name for the seepweed or Suaeda plant
  • Wada, an alternative spelling for Vada (food), a type of Indian fried snack

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