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Singapore Insurance Institute

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The Singapore Insurance Institute (SII), a non-profit organization, is the insurance professional body, imparting insurance education to its members. Established in December 1949, the SII root can be traced back as part of the Malaysian Insurance Institute. The SII assumed its present name in 1988 and was incorporated as a public company limited by guarantee and its constitution cannot be altered without the consent of the Minister of Finance, Singapore. The prime objective of the SII is to bring professional excellence among its members and thereby ensuring robust Insurance and Financial Services in the country.

Membership Categories

The SII offers different levels of membership such as STUDENT, ORDINARY, AFFILIATE – AFF.SII, ASSOCIATE – ASII, FELLOW – FSII, HONORARY FELLOW – FSII (HON), and MEMBERS-IN-RETIREMENT. All members are bound to comply with Code of Conduct. This membership makes sure life-long learning, maintaining professional designations, and keeping knowledge up-to-date with the latest trends in the insurance sector worldwide.

Council Members

The present council consists of 09 members including Ms. Jeslyn Tan, as the President of the Institute, and Ms. Summer Montague, as the Vice President of the Institute.

International Affiliation

Singapore Insurance Institute has an affiliation with the Chartered Insurance Institute (“CII”), a UK Chartered Professional Body, to drive
educational standards and build public trust in the insurance profession.

External Links

  • Singapore Insurance Institute The official website of Singapore Insurance Institute.
  • Monetary Authority of Singapore


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