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Gracemont (microarchitecture)

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Gracemont is an upcoming microarchitecture for low-power processors used in systems on a chip (SoCs) made by Intel, and is the successor to Tremont. Like its predecessor, it will also be implemented as low-power cores in a hybrid design of the upcoming Alder Lake processors.


Gracemont is the 4th generation out-of-order low-power Atom microarchitecture, built on the 10 nm manufacturing process.
The Gracemont microarchitecture has been rumored to have the following enhancements over Tremont:
  • 64KB per core Level 1 instruction cache
  • DDR5 memory
  • PCIe 4.0 support
  • Support for AVX, AVX2, and AVX-VNNI instructions


List of Gracemont processors

Desktop processors
( Lake)

List of desktop processors as follows:

Mobile processors
( Lake)

List of mobile processors as follows:

Processors for base transceiver stations (Grand Ridge)

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