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Mara Pappa Superhero

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Mara Pappa Superhero is an upcoming Indian Gujarati-language film directed by Darshan Ashwin Trivedi. Written by Raam Mori, the film stars Abhinay Banker, Shraddha Dangar, Revanta Sarabhai, Bhavya Sirohi and Bhushan Bhatt in lead roles. The film also stars Bhavya Sirohi, Bharat Thakkar, Priyanka Raja, and Janushi Oza in supporting role. The plot follows the relationship of daughter with her father and mother. Produced under Saiffron Entertainment, Mara Pappa Superhero is the second film of Trivedi after Mrugtrushna.


The film's cast include:
  • Abhinay Banker as Bhavlo
  • Shraddha Dangar as Teju
  • Revanta Sarabhai as Yash
  • Bhavya Sirohi as Kanku
  • Bhushan Bhatt as Jamburo
  • Bharat Thakkar as Jeram Mama
  • Priyanka Raja as Devika
  • Janushi Oza as Kiara


The film depicts the relationship of a daughter with her father and mother. Bhavya has played the role of Kanku who thinks that her father is a superhero.


Raam Mori wote the story originally in Marathi language. He later adapted the story in Gujarati for the film. This is the second film of Mori after Montu Ni Bittu. The shooting begun on 15 February 2020. The film was shot in Ahmedabad. The film is under post-production.


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