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Jonker ( ) is a Dutch surname. It is also a variation of the title jonkheer. The name can be occupational of origin, indicating an ancestor who was or worked for a jonkheer, or toponymical, e.g. referring to a house named De Jonker. Jonker at the Database of Surnames in The Netherlands. People with the surname include:
  • Andries Jonker (born 1962), Dutch football player and manager
  • Charles Jonker (1933–1991), South African racing cyclist
  • Christiaan Jonker (born 1986), South African cricketer
  • Henk Jonker (1912–2002), Dutch photographer
  • Ingrid Jonker (1933-1965), South African poet
    • Ingrid Jonker Prize, literary prize for the best Afrikaans or English poetry debut work
    • Ingrid Jonker (film), Dutch English-language film about her life
  • Jacobus Jonker (fl. 1996), South African paralympic athlete
  • Johannes Jonker (born 1994), South African rugby player
  • JW Jonker (born 1987), South African rugby player
  • Kees Jonker (1909–1987), Dutch competitive sailor
  • Kelly Jonker (born 1990), Dutch field hockey player
  • Kobus Jonker (fl. 2000), South African paralympic athlete
  • Louis Jonker (1962), South African biblical scholar and linguist
  • Margo Jonker (born 1954), American softball coach
  • Marius Jonker (born 1968), South African rugby referee
  • Patrick Jonker (born 1969), Dutch-born Australian racing cyclist
    • Patrick Jonker Veloway, Australian bikeway named for him
  • Robert James Jonker (born 1960), American (Michigan) judge
  • Patrick Jonker (born 1944), Australian racing cyclist
  • (born 1980), Dutch jazz singer
  • Sjouke Jonker (1924–2007), Dutch journalist and politician, MEP 1979–84
  • Jan Jonkers (born 1955), Dutch racing cyclist
  • (1890–1971), Dutch jurist and university dean
  • Marayke Jonkers (born 1981), Australian swimmer and paratriathlete
  • Tim Jonkers (born 1980), Dutch-born Irish rugby player
;Adopted as a given name
  • Jonker Afrikaner (c.1785–1861), Namibian Orlam leader
  • Jan Jonker Afrikaner (c.1820–1861), Namibian Orlam leader, son of Jonker
    • Jan Jonker Afrikaner High School, secondary school in Windhoek, Namibia

See also

  • The Jonker, 726 carats diamond found by Johannes Jacobus Jonker in 1934
  • Jonker Sailplanes, South Africa glider manufacturer founded by Uys and Attie Jonker
    • Jonker JS-1 Revelation, one of its gliders
  • Jonker Walk and Jonker Street, Malacca street names dating from the Dutch colonial time (1641–1825)
  • Théo De Joncker (1894–1964), Belgian composer
  • Yonkers, New York, named after Jonker Adriaen van der Donck (1618–1655)

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