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, also written as Yusuke, or Yuusuke is a Japanese given name for males.

Possible writings

  • 有介, "possessing/having, mediate"
  • 行介, "to go, mediate"
  • 由介, "reason, mediate"
  • 征介, "conquer, mediate"
  • 柚介, "citron, mediate"
  • 愉祐, "pleasure, help"
  • 裕祐, "abundant, help"
  • 勇介, "courage, mediate"
  • 雄介, "masculinity, mediate"
The name YÅ«suke can also be written using the Japanese syllabary writing systems of hiragana and/or katakana

People with the name

  • Yusuke Aihara (born 1994), a Japanese professional vert skater
  • Yusuke Chiba (チバ ユウスケ, born 1968), Japanese singer who formerly sang for Thee Michelle Gun Elephant and is the founder of the garage rock band The Birthday
  • Yusuke Fujimoto (藤本祐介, born 1975), Japanese former heavyweight kickboxer
  • Yusuke Hagihara (萩原 雄祐, 1897–1979), Japanese astronomer known for his contributions to celestial mechanics
  • Yusuke Hashiba (羽柴 雄輔, 1851-1921), Japanese archaeologist
  • Yusuke Hatanaka (畑中勇介, born 1985), Japanese cyclist
  • Yusuke Hatano (波多野 裕介, born 1986), Japanese composer and arranger
  • Yusuke Hayashi (æž— 勇介, born 1990), Japanese footballer
  • Yusuke Higa (比嘉 祐介, born 1989), Japanese footballer who plays for the Yokohama F. Marinos
  • Yusuke Hino (日野 裕介, born 1985), Japanese professional wrestler
  • , Japanese shogi player
  • , Japanese footballer
  • YÅ«suke Iseya (伊勢谷 友介, born 1976), Japanese actor
  • Yusuke Kamiji (上地 雄輔, born 1979), Japanese actor, singer, and tarento
  • Yusuke Kaneko (金子 祐介, born 1976), Japanese ski jumper
  • Yusuke Kato (born 1986), Japanese footballer, who plays for Nakhon Ratchasima F.C. in the Thai Premier League
  • Yusuke Kobori (小堀 佑介, born 1981), retired Japanese professional boxer and former WBA lightweight champion
  • Yuusuke (musician) (ユウスケ, full name Yuusuke Kuniyoshi 国吉祐輔, born 1985), musician and one of the two vocalists of the hard rock band High and Mighty Color
  • Yusuke Matsui (松井 佑介, born 1987), Japanese baseball player
  • Yusuke Mine (born 1934), Japanese actor best known for his role on the 26-lesson TV program Let's Learn Japanese
  • Yusuke Mori (森 勇介, born 1980), Japanese footballer who plays for Tokyo Verdy
  • , Japanese curler
  • Yusuke Murata (村田 雄介, born 1978), Japanese manga artist
  • Yusuke Naora (直良 有祐, born 1971), Japanese video game art director and character designer at Square Enix
  • , Japanese footballer
  • , Japanese long-distance runner
  • , Japanese rugby union player
  • YÅ«suke Numata (沼田 祐介, born 1968), Japanese voice actor
  • Yusuke Oeda (大枝雄介, born 1935), Japanese professional Go player
  • Yusuke Okada (岡田 優介, born 1984), Japanese basketball player
  • Yusuke Omi (born 1946), Japanese footballer
  • Yusuke Saikawa (born 1985), Japanese former soccer player
  • Yusuke Sato (佐藤 悠介, born 1977), Japanese footballer
  • Yusuke Shimada (島田 裕介, born 1982), Japanese footballer
  • , Japanese water polo player
  • Yusuke Suzuki (racewalker) (鈴木 雄介, born 1988), Japanese racewalker
  • Yusuke Suzuki (footballer) (鈴木 祐輔, born 1982), Japanese footballer
  • YÅ«suke Santamaria (ユースケ・サンタマリア, real name YÅ«suke Nakayama 中山 裕介, born 1971), Japanese singer and actor
  • Yusuke Takahashi (高橋 悠介, born 1997), Japanese tennis player
  • , Japanese long-distance runner
  • YÅ«suke Tanaka (football forward) (田中 佑昌, born 1986), a Japanese footballer who plays for the J. League team JEF United Ichihara Chiba
  • YÅ«suke Tanaka (football defender) (田中 裕介, born 1986), Japanese footballer who plays for the J. League team Kawasaki Frontale
  • Yusuke Tanaka (gymnast), Japanese gymnast who competed for Japan in the 2012 Summer Olympics
  • Yusuke Tomoi (友井 雄亮, born 1980), Japanese actor from Hokkaidō Japan
  • , Japanese baseball player
  • , Japanese shogi player
  • Yusuke Yachi (谷内 雄亮, born 1980), Japanese race walker
  • Yusuke Yada (è°·ç”° 悠介, born 1983), Japanese footballer currently playing for Kataller Toyama
  • Yusuke Yamagata (山形 雄介, born 1986), Japanese footballer
  • Yusuke Yamamoto (山本裕典, born 1988), Japanese actor from Aichi Japan
  • Yusuke Yoshizaki (born 1981), Japanese former football player

Fictional characters

  • Yuusuke Amamiya (天宮 勇介), a character in the Super Sentai television series Choujuu Sentai Liveman
  • Yusuke Godai (五代 雄介), the main character in the tokusatsu television series Kamen Rider Kuuga
  • Yusuke Fujiwara (藤原 優介), a character in the anime spin-off series Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters GX
  • Yusuke Urameshi (浦飯 幽助), the main character in the YuYu Hakusho anime and manga series
  • Yusuke Sakamoto (坂本裕介), the main character in the 2000 film Juvenille
  • Yusuke Yoshino (芳野 祐介), a character from the visual novel, manga, and anime Clannad
  • Yusuke Fujisaki (藤崎 佑助), the main character of Sket Dance anime and manga
  • Yusuke Makishima (巻島 裕介), a character of Yowamushi Pedal
  • Yusuke Kitagawa (喜多川 祐介), a playable character from Persona 5
  • Yusuke Oda, a character of Hajime no Ippo

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