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Frenzel is a German family name that originated in the Rhineland, and today is prevalent among Volga Germans and in east-central Germany, focused on Dresden. It is a patronymic name meaning son of Franciscus.
There are several historical figures named Frenzel:
  • Alfred Frenzel - Cold War-era Czechoslovakian spy
  • Anton Frenzel (1790-1873), bishop of Ermland
  • Bartholomäus Frenzel (mention 1576), German poet
  • Bill Frenzel - Minnesota Congressman
  • Elisabeth Frenzel (1915-2014), German literary notable
  • Eric Frenzel (1988-), German skier
  • Ernst Frenzel (born 1904), German banker, SA brigade leader and Reichstag delegate
  • Fritz Frenzel (1855-1915), German writer and publisher (alias August Bäbchen)
  • Gotfried Frenzel (born 1929), German art historian and restorer
  • Hans Frenzel (1921-1989), German broadcast director
  • Herbert Frenzel (novelist), German novelist
  • Herbert A. Frenzel (1908-1995), German theatre notable
  • Hermann Robert Frenzel (1850-?), German organist and technical writer
  • Hermann Walter Gotthold Frenzel (1895-?), German HNO physician and Luftwaffe officer, inventor of the Frenzel maneuver to balance pressure
  • Ivo Frenzel (1924-2014), German author, Daten deutscher Dichtung
  • Johann Gottlieb Frenzel (1715-1780), German lawyer, historian and philosopher
  • Johann Gottlieb Abraham Frenzel (1782-1855), German coppersmith
  • Karl Frenzel (1827-1914), German writer and critic
  • Karl Frenzel (1911—1996) - German Nazi SS-Oberscharführer, one of Sobibor's SS commanders
  • Michael Frenzel
  • Oskar Frenzel (1855-1915), German animal and landscape painter
  • Paul Frenzel (1824-1872), German animal and landscape painter
  • Walther Frenzel (1884-1970), German engineer and professor of textile chemistry
Further, there are several businesses named Frenzel, among them a Düsseldorf manufacturer.

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