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Rettai Roja

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Rettai Roja ( Twin roses) is an Indian Tamil-language soap opera airing on Zee Tamil. It premiered on 12 August 2019. The show stars Chandini Tamilarasan with Akshay Kamal and Nimesh Sagar.


Anu and Abi are twin girls from a middle-class family. Unlike their looks, their personalities differ. Anu was an dominant and greedy girl but Abi is homely and caring girl. Anu despises her sister for grabbing the spotlight despite her desperate efforts to be the person, people notice and praise. Because of the conflict, their mother Deivanai enrols them into a convent school, but at last Anu only studied in convent, Abi became less educated. Finally Anuradha became a lawyer and Abi becomes a tailor. Meanwhile, the brothers Santhosh and Sanjeev belong to a rich and wealthy family. Santhosh was an simple man, who manages the business but Sanjeev was short-tempered and easily angered, so his mother Seetha will take care him always. Santhosh saw Anu at a theme park and begins to love her. Then Santhosh decides to join as a assistant advocate to Anu and he hides the truth about his rich background to her. Abi met Sanjeev in a car accident when he hit a old man. Sanjeev argues angrily with the old man, Abi advises Sanjeev. Suddenly he feels that Abi was like his mother's attitude. Then Sanjeev told Seetha about Abi and she felt happy. Whenever Sanjeev is about to lose his temper, Abi appears and defuses the situation. Their love blossoms. Then Seetha noticed that her first son Santhosh is in love and her second son Sanjeev turns into a new behaviour, because of Abi. One day Anu saw Abi with Sanjeev, so Anu warns her parents that Abi was roaming with a man and Anu warns Abi should stop going out with him.
Seetha told his son Santhosh to invite Anu, As Anu visits Santhosh's house she became surprised and she agrees to marry Santhosh after seeing that he is rich. While she move out, she found that Sanjeev was the younger brother of Santhosh. Anu shocked about it and thought if Abi marries Sanjeev, then she will lead a rich life. So she decides to fix a fiancée for Abi. Anu met a poor and thief name Salman and she request to marry Abi. Salman and his mother Nagalakshmi were exited and accepted to marry Abi. Sanjeev, on hearing Abi will marry Salman, he beats Salman and he found that Salman is a fraud and stops Abi from marrying him. Then the police come and arrests Salman. Now Seetha's husband Ramachandran's sister Chinthamani called her daughter Sreeja to come and to fix her as Sanjeev's fiancée. When Anu came to Santhos's house, she met Sreeja and Chinthamani and they discussed about Abi was in love with Sanjeev. So they planned to separate them. But Abi and Sanjeev resist the scheme. Anu strictly warns her parents to hide that she has a twin sister from Santhosh's parents, so they do. After some days, Anu betrothed with Santhosh and Sreeja betrothed with Sanjeev. But Sanjeev hates Sreeja and he comes to know her plan, he and his uncle Kaali decides to focus on Sreeja and Anu's plans. Sanjeev told everything to Abi, so she helped him and their love became stronger. One day Santhosh saw Sanjeev with one girl, then he found that, the girl was Anu's twin sister Abi. So Santhosh decides to help them to marry. On the day of marriage, Anu, Sreeja and Chinthamani decides to kidnap Abi, so Sanjeev will marry Sreeja. So they called Salman and Nagalakshmi to kidnap, but Sanjeev and Kaali knows the plan and they prevent the crime. Again Anu pretended to be injured to Abi. Anu told Abi to leave Sanjeev. Abi exits Sanjeev's life and leaves the marriage hall. Then after some hours Anu feels guilty about her attitude towards Abi, that time Sreeja and Chinthamani conversed about Abi to be killed and they will blame Anu for Abi's death. When Anu heard, she warns them and allows Abi and Sanjeev marriage and she will reveal the truth to everybody. Sreeja and Chinthamai became dismayed and angered on Anu. Sreeja and Chinthamani murder Anu. Same time Sanjeev found Abi and he told to everybody that she is Anu's twin. Ramachandran and others became aghast about it and scolds Kandhasamy and Deivanai for that. As Anu's name should not be spoil, Abi lies to Sanjeev that she loves him for fake. Sanjeev got more anger on Abi and he hates her. Seetha search Anu, then she saw Anu was lying down with blood flowing. Seetha tries to help Anu but she told every incident to Seetha and unfortunately Anu died. Sreeja argues Sanjeev to marry her, suddenly Santhosh decides to marry Sreeja for Sanjeev and Abi's life to be happy. Then finally due to miserable circumstances Sanjeev married Abi without interest and Santhosh married Sreeja. After the marriage ends, Kandhasamy, Deivanai and Abi worries about Anu's death. Sanjeev is angry with Abi and unwillingly he invites her into his house. Now Anu came as a spirit and helps Abi to reunite with Sanjeev.



  • Shivani Narayanan as both Anuradha "Anu" and Abirami "Abi" (Episodes 1–168 and replaced by Chandini)
    • Chandini Tamilarasan as both Anuradha "Anu" (dead) and Abirami "Abi" (Episode 169–present)
  • Akshay Kamal as Sanjeev: Abi's husband and Santhosh's younger brother
  • Nimesh Sagar as Santhosh: Anu's ex-fiancé and Sreeja's husband
  • VJ Mounika as Sreeja: Santhosh's wife and Sanjeev's ex-fiancé


  • L. Raja as Ramachandran: Santhosh and Sanjeev's father, Sreeja and Abhirami's father-in-law
  • Tamil Selvi as Seetha: Santhosh and Sanjeev's mother (Episodes 1–173 and replaced by Meera)
    • Meera Krishna as Seetha: Santhosh and Sanjeev's mother, Sreeja and Abi's mother-in-law (Episode 174–present)
  • Poovilangu Mohan as Kandhasamy: Anu and Abi's father, Sanjeev's father-in-law
  • Sabitha Anand as Deivanai: Anu and Abi's mother, Sanjeev's mother-in-law
  • Meena Vemuri as Chinthamani: Ramachandran's younger sister, Sreeja's mother and Santhosh's mother-in-law
  • Diwakar as Kaali: Seetha's younger brother
  • Priya as Kavitha: Sreeja's aunt
  • Indran as Salman: Abi's ex-fiancée
  • Sujatha as Nagalakshmi: Salman's mother
  • Bavithran as Sathish: Sreeja's first husband (2020)

Special appearance

  • "Singer" Srikanth Deva as Himself: Anu, Santhosh, Sreeja and Sanjeev's marriage guest
  • Development

    The series first promo was released on 2 April 2019 on YouTube by Zee Tamil. It stars Pagal Nilavu fame Shivani Narayanan plays the main female lead as both Anu and Abi. Later due to outbreak of COVID-19 and to pursue the opportunity of entering Bigg Boss, Shivani left the series. So, on August 2020, she was replaced by actress Chandini Tamilarasan. Tamil TV actor Siddharth Kumaran was initially approached for the male protagonist but turned it down as the role did not excite him, later the production team finalised Kannada TV actor Karan Sagar for the role. While Tik Tok fame Akshay Kamal was selected for another main protagonist.

    International broadcast

    The series was released on 12 August 2019 on Zee Tamil and Zee Tamil HD. The show was also broadcast internationally on the channel's international distribution.
    • It airs in Sri Lanka, Singapore, the United States, Europe, Malaysia, Mauritius, the Middle East, Africa, East Asia, South Africa, Australasia and North America on Zee Tamil and Zee Tamil HD.
    • All episodes can be viewed with the app ZEE5.
    • It is also available via Internet TV services Lebara Play and YuppTV.

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