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Jepson (surname)

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Jepson is an English language patronymic surname meaning "Geoffrey’s son". The prefix "Jep" is also the diminutive given name. Jepson has alternate spellings, including Jepsen and Jephson. Jepson as a given name is rare.
People with the surname Jepson include:
  • Arthur Jepson (1915–1997), English first-class cricketer and football goalkeeper
  • Benjamin Jepson (1832–1914), American music educator
  • Bert Jepson (1902–1981), footballer
  • Brian Jepson (born 1970), American voice actor
  • Duncan Jepson, British solicitor in Hong Kong
  • Edgar Jepson (1863–1938), English novelist
  • Harry Benjamin Jepson (1870–1952), American organist and composer
  • Harry Jepson (1920–2016), English rugby league player
  • Helen Jepson (1904–1997), American opera singer
  • Herbert Jepson (1908–1993), American artist and founder of the Jepson Art Institute
  • Jack Jepson, New Zealand footballer
  • James Jepson Binns (1855–1928), English pipe-organ builder
  • Jim Jepson (1942–1989), Canadian politician
  • Joanna Jepson (born 1976), English Church of England curate
  • Kristine Jepson (1962–2017), American opera singer
  • Margaret Jepson (1907–2003), English writer
  • Robert S. Jepson Jr. (born 1942), American philanthropist and businessman
  • Ronnie Jepson (born 1963), English footballer
  • Selwyn Jepson (1899–1989), British author, screenwriter and director
  • Steven B. Jepson (born 1960), American opera singer
  • Toby Jepson (born 1967), English musician and actor
  • Tristan Jepson (1978–2004), Australian writer
  • Vicky Jepson (born 1988), English footballer
  • Warner Jepson (1930–2011), American composer
  • Willis Linn Jepson (1867–1946), American botanist

See also

  • Belita, Olympic figure skater, dancer and early film actress Maria Belita Gladys Olivie Lynn Jepson-Turner (1923–2005)
  • Peter Jepson-Young (born 1957), Canadian AIDS-awareness educator
  • Jepson (disambiguation), for other uses
  • Jepsen
  • Jepsonia

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