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Acacia linifolia

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Acacia linifolia, known colloquially as white wattle, or flax wattle, is a species of Acacia native to eastern Australia.


Acacia linifolia was first described in 1800 by Étienne Pierre Ventenat as Mimosa linifolia. Ventenat, E.P. (1800) Description des Plantes Nouvelles et peu connues, cultivees dans le Jardin de J.M. Cels 1: 2 t. 2 In 1806 Carl Ludwig Willdenow redescribed it as belonging to the genus, Acacia, and it became Acacia linifolia.
Category:Fabales of Australia
Category:Flora of New South Wales
Category:Plants described in 1800
Category:Taxa named by Carl Ludwig Willdenow

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