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Pachakutiq (Arequipa-Moquegua)

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  {{Aboutthe mountain in the Arequipa Region and in the Puno Region, Peruother usesPachakutiq (disambiguation) Pachakutiq
Pachakutiq (Quechua pacha time, space, kuti return, "return of time", "change of time", pacha kuti "great change or disturbance in the social or political order", -q a suffix, Pachakutiq an Inca emperor, Hispanicized spelling Pachacutec) is a mountain in the Andes of Peru. It is located southeast of Lake Salinas in the Arequipa Region, Arequipa Province, Tarucani District, and in the Moquegua Region, General Sánchez Cerro Province, Coalaque District. Pachakutiq lies northwest of Q'uwa Laki and - UGEL map of the General Sánchez Cerro Province (Moquegua Region)

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