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  Sorokin ( ), or Sorokina (feminine; Соро́кина), is a common Russian surname, derived from the Russian word soroka (сорока, or magpie). Those bearing it include the following:
  • Aleksei Sorokin, Estonian politician
  • Alexey Sorokin (fashion designer), fashion designer
  • Alexey Sorokin (military commander), Admiral and Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Anastasia Sorokina, Belarusian/Australian chess Woman International Master
  • Anna Sorokin, Russian fraud perpetrator
  • Coti Sorokin, Argentine singer-songwriter
  • Evgraf Sorokin, painter
  • Ilya Sorokin, NHL goalie under contract with the New York Islanders
  • Irina Sorokina, Russian-Norwegian laser physicist
  • Ivan Sorokin, Russian commander during the Russian Civil War
  • Maxim Sorokin, Russian chess player (grandmaster)
  • Nikolai Sorokin, Russian theatre and film actor, theatre director, educator, People's Artist of Russia
  • Pavel Sorokin (painter), painter
  • Peter P. Sorokin, an American physicist, co-inventor of the dye laser
  • Pitirim Sorokin, Russian-American sociologist
  • Pyotr Sorokin, a Russian international soccer player
  • Stanislav Sorokin (boxer), a Soviet boxer
  • Stanislav Sorokin (footballer), Ukrainian football player
  • Vasili Sorokin, mosaics artist
  • Vitali Sorokin, swimmer
  • Vladimir Sorokin, writer
  • Zakhar Sorokin, Soviet military officer and declared Hero of the Soviet Union

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