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Babcock is an English surname. Notable people with the surname include:
  • Alpheus Babcock (1785–1842), American piano and musical instrument maker
  • Audrey Babcock, American operatic mezzo-soprano
  • Barbara Babcock (born 1937), American actress
  • Betty Lee Babcock (1922–2013), American businesswoman and politician
  • Brad Babcock, American college baseball coach
  • Charlie Babcock, American actor
  • Chip Babcock (born c. 1950), American attorney
  • Christine Babcock, American runner
  • Courtney Babcock (born 1972), Canadian runner
  • Edward V. Babcock (1864–1948), former mayor of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • E. B. Babcock (Ernest Brown Babcock, 1877–1954), American plant geneticist
  • Elnora Monroe Babcock (1852–1934), American suffragist, press chair
  • Emma Whitcomb Babcock (1849-1926), American litterateur, author
  • Erin Babcock (1981–2020), Canadian politician
  • Ezekiel Babcock (1828-1905), American farmer and politician
  • Laura Babcock (1988/1989-2012), Canadian murder victim who was murdered by Dellen Millard and Mark Smich
  • George Herman Babcock (1832–1893), American inventor
  • Harold D. Babcock (1882–1968), American astronomer
  • Havilah Babcock (1837-1905), American businessman
  • Horace W. Babcock (1912–2003), American astronomer
  • Ira Babcock (1808–1888), American pioneer and judge
  • John Babcock (1900–2010), last surviving Canadian World War I veteran
  • John C. Babcock (1836–1908), rowing pioneer and American Civil War spy
  • Joseph Park Babcock (1893–1949), American Mahjong promoter
  • Joseph Weeks Babcock (1850 - 1909), former Wisconsin member of the U.S. House of Representatives
  • Lorenzo A. Babcock, first attorney general of Minnesota Territory
  • Mabel Keyes Babcock, American landscape architect
  • Maud Babcock (1867–1954), American educator
  • Mike Babcock (born 1963), Canadian hockey head coach and former player
  • Orville E. Babcock (1835–1884), American Civil War general
  • Rob Babcock, (born c. 1953) former general manager of the Toronto Raptors NBA basketball team
  • Roscoe Lloyd Babcock, (1897–1981) California artist
  • Sam Babcock (1901–1970), American football player (Canton Bulldogs)
  • Shelby Babcock (born 1992), American softball player
  • Stanton Babcock (1904–1979), American equestrian
  • Stefan Babcock (born 1988), vocalist and guitarist for PUP
  • Stephen Moulton Babcock (1843–1931), American agricultural chemist
  • Tim M. Babcock (1919–2015), former governor of Montana
  • Warren Babcock (1866–1913), American politician and educator
  • Wendy Babcock (1979–2011), Canadian activist for the rights of sex workers

Fictional characters

  • C. C. Babcock, from the sitcom The Nanny
  • Giles Babcock, character in Justin Cronin's novel The Passage
  • Iris Babcock, Sergeant-Major from the Honorverse

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