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  Nikitin ( ), or Nikitina (feminine; Никитина) is a common Russian surname that derives from the male given name Nikita and literally means Nikita's. It may refer to:

Artists, musicians, authors

  • Yevgeny Nikitin (bass-baritone), bass-baritone
  • Ivan Nikitich Nikitin (c. 1690–1742), Russian painter
  • Gury Nikitin (1620–1691), Russian icon painter
  • Ivan Savvich Nikitin (1824–1861), Russian poet
  • Sergey Nikitin (musician), contemporary Russian composer, singer and bard
  • Tatyana Nikitina, contemporary Russian singer and composer (wife of musician Sergey Nikitin)
  • Victor Ivanovich Nikitin, Soviet soloist with the Alexandrov Ensemble
  • Yuri Nikitin (author), contemporary Russian sci-fi writer


  • Larisa Nikitina, contemporary Russian heptathlete
  • Vera Nikitina, contemporary Soviet hurdling athlete
  • Yuri Nikitin (gymnast), Ukrainian trampolinist
  • Boris Nikitin, Georgian swimmer
  • Nikita Nikitin, Russian ice hockey player
  • Sarah Nikitin, Brazilian Archer
  • Diana Nikitina, Latvian Figure Skater

Scientists, engineers and architects

  • Boris Nikitin (1906–1952), Soviet radiochemist
  • Nikolai Nikitin (1907–1973), Soviet structural design and construction engineer
  • Vasilii Vasilyevich Nikitin (1901–1955), Soviet aircraft engineer


There are at least five botanists with this surname, shown here followed by their standard author abbreviations :

  • Sergei Alekseevich Nikitin (1898–?)   S.A.Nikitin
  • Sergei Nikolaevic Nikitin (1850–1909)   Nikitin
  • Vasilii Vasilevich Nikitin (1906–1988)   V.V.Nikitin
  • Vladimir Alekseevich Nikitin (1906–1974)   V.A.Nikitin
  • Vladimir V. Nikitin (fl. 1996)   Vl.V.Nikitin

Nikitin and Some Emigrations World-wide

The Nikitin surname spread from Russia to the rest of the world, including Europe, Canada, USA, and South America.
It is also present in the 1913 New Israel migration from Voronezh to San Javier, Uruguay.
  • Mateo Nikitin (?–1472), a New Israel member in the Voronezh region back in 1800-1900 approximately, contemporary of the leader of the New Israel sect, Vasily Lubkov, and also contemporary of Ivan Savvich Nikitin (1824–1861), Russian poet (relatives not confirmed). He is one of the New Israel members who migrate with Vasily Lubkov from the Voronezh region to San Javier, Uruguay in 1913.
  • Basilio Nikitin (Spanish), born in San Javier, Uruguay in 1934 and deceased in 1998.
  • Fernando Nikitin, born in San Javier, Uruguay. **** Seeking genealogical information about his ancestors back in Voronezh, including Mateo Nikitin. ****


  • Afanasiy Nikitin (died 1472), a Russian explorer and merchant
  • Alexander Nikitin, contemporary Russian environment activist and a dissident Navy officer
  • , Russian artillery officer of the Napoleonic Wars
  • Anfal Nikitin (fl. 1360), Novgorod boyar and ushkuynik
  • Basil Nikitin Soviet orientalist and diplomat
  • Rodrigo Nikitin, Brazilian Specialist IT
  • Vladilen Nikitin (born 1936), Russian engineer and politician
  • Vladimir Nikitin, multiple people
  • Viktor Nikitin (1893–1933), Russian and Serbian pilot, killed in the first disaster of Yugoslav civil aviation

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