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  Borovsky or Borovskoy (masculine), Borovskaya (feminine), or Borovskoye (neuter) may refer to:
  • Alexander Borovsky (1889-1968), Russian-American pianist
  • (born 1952), Curator of Contemporary Art at the Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
  • Eugene Znosko-Borovsky (1884-1954), Russian chess master
  • Karel Havlíček Borovský (1821-1856) Czech author and influential journalist
  • Piotr (Fokich) Borovsky (1863-1932), Russian military surgeon
  • Natasha Borovsky (born 1924), Russian/Polish-American poet and novelist
  • Sergei Borovsky (born 1956), association football player
  • Jonathan Borofsky (born 1942), American artist who lives and works in Maine
  • Michael Borofsky, documentary and music film director and producer based in New York
  • Nathan "Nate" D. Borofsky, vocalist, baritone guitarist, bass guitarist of Girlyman


  • Borovsky District, a district of Kaluga Oblast, Russia
  • Borovsky, Russia (Borovskoy, Borovskaya, Borovskoye), name of several inhabited localities in Russia
  • Borovskoye, Kazakhstan, a village and the administrative center of Mendykara District of Kostanay Province, Kazakhstan
  • Borovskoy, Sharyinsky District, Kostroma Oblast

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  • Borovský, Czech/Slovak form
  • Borowski/Borowsky, Polish form

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