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Nurul Haq Nur

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Md Nurul Haque ( ) is a Bangladeshi politician. He came to prominence in 2018 as a joint-convener of Bangladesh Sadharan Chhatra Adhikar Sangrakshan Parishad, which led the Quota Reform Movement. In 2019, he was elected as the vice president of Dhaka University Central Students' Union (DUCSU).

Early life and education

He was born in Patuakhali. His father, Idris Hawladar, is a farmer and former union parishod member. His mother, Nilufa Begum, was a homemaker. He is also called Nur.
Nurul attended the SSC examination from Golam Nabi Secondary School, Kaliakair in 2010 and participated in the HSC examination from Uttara High School and College, Dhaka in 2012. Currently, he is a student in the English department at the University of Dhaka.


In 2018, Nurul Haq became a joint-convenor of Bangladesh Sadharan Chhatra Adhikar Sangrakshan Parishad, which led the Quota Reform Movement. On 30 June 2018, he was beaten in front of the Dhaka University Central Library, with university teachers helping him. Members of Bangladesh Chhatra League were involved in this incident. None of attackers were held responsible for their actions.
In 2019, Nur was elected as the VP (Vice President) of DUCSU (Dhaka University Central Students' Union). After Nurul got elected as a VP of DUCSU, he frequently led protests against various issues in Bangladesh, among them protests for demanding the fair price of paddy for farmers, demanding the repeal of affiliation of seven college from University of Dhaka, demanding justice for Nusrat, and justice for Abrar is noteworthy.
Apart from national issue, Nurul also raise voices for international issues. In particular, he protested the controversial acts CAA and NRC passed by Indian parliament. On December 22, 2019 Nurul Haque Noor gave a rally at the pedestal of the Raju sculpture of Dhaka University in the solidarity of the students protesting against the citizenship amendment law of India and national citizenship registration. At that rally, the leaders of the Muktujuddah Manch (Freedom fight stage) a clash when they tried to stop. Many of his fellow activist were beaten to hospital. In protest of this attack, Nurul and his organization decided to block a higher study seminar that was organized in support from the Indian Embassy of Bangladesh. However, attack on Nurul Haque and his fellow members continues. The most heinous attack happened on December 23. On that day, Noor and his fellow activists was attacked on by the members of Muktujuddah Manch at Dhaka University Central Student Union building. Two of his fellow activists were thrown from the roof by the attackers. Many of the activists were taken to ICU, Tuhin Farabi wre taken to life support. Nur and his brother were also injured severely. On December 24, 2019 Police filed a case against Shahbag police station and arrested the then General Secretary of the Muktijuddah Manch Yasin Arafat Turi and the office secretary Mehedi Hasan Shant on charges of involvement in the attack. In the same year 2019, Nurul was attacked 7 times in different movements.
{{Cite weburl= contradict police FIRwebsite=New Age The Most Popular Outspoken English Daily in Bangladeshlanguage=enaccess-date=2019-12-25
{{Cite weburl= rejects police FIR, files case as protests continuewebsite=New Age The Most Popular Outspoken English Daily in Bangladeshlanguage=enaccess-date=2019-12-25

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