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  Berezin (feminine: Berezina) is a Russian surname which may refer to:


  • Aleksei Berezin (born 1993), Russian footballer
  • André Berezin (born 1960), Brazilian rower
  • Evelyn Berezin (1925-2018), American computer designer best known for designing the first computer-driven word processor
  • Felix Berezin (1931-1980), Russian mathematician and physicist
  • Fyodor Berezin (born 1960), Ukrainian science fiction writer
  • Ilya Berezin (1818-1896), Russian orientalist
  • Irina Berezina, chess player
  • Mabel Berezin, sociologist at Cornell University
  • Maxim Berezin (born 1991), Russian Ice hockey player
  • Pyotr Berezin (born 1991), Russian footballer
  • Sergei Berezin (born 1971), Russian hockey player
  • Sergei Berezin (footballer) (born 1960), Russian footballer
  • Tanya Berezin (born 1941), American actress, educator and co-founder and artistic director of the Circle Repertory Company
  • Vladimir Berezin (born 1941), Russian swimmer
  • Vladimir Berezin (TV presenter) (born 1957), Russian actor, journalist and TV and radio presenter
  • Arthur Berezin (born 1985), Israeli Tech Entrepreneur

Other uses

  • Berezin B-20, 20mm caliber autocannon
  • Berezin integral, mathematical way of defining integration
  • The Berezin UB Soviet aircraft machine gun
  • Exercise Berezin was a Soviet military exercise that took place in the Byelorussian SSR in February 1978
  • Berezin Name Meaning
Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): habitational name for someone from any of various villages called Berez(i)no, Berez(i)na, and Bereza, in Belarus and Ukraine, all derived from an Eastern Slavic noun meaning ‘birch tree’. Russian: topographic name for someone who lived by a birch tree, from Russian bereza ‘birch’ + the Russian possessive suffix -in.
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