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Gies is a surname of Germanic origin. It is either a patronymic surname, Gies being a form of the old Germanic name Giso, or a toponymic surname related to the Old High German word Gieze for a small stream.Gies at the Database of Surnames in The Netherlands. Distribution of the name Gies in Germany People with this name include:
  • Frances Gies (1915–2013), American historian, author, and wife of Joseph Gies
  • Gerd Gies (born 1943), German politician, Minister President of Saxony-Anhalt
  • Hans-Peter Gies (born 1947), East German shot putter
  • Heinrich Gies (1912–1973), German film and television actor
  • Jan Gies (1905–1993), Dutch resistance figure who helped hide Anne Frank
  • Jeroen Gies (born 1995), German-Dutch football goalkeeper
  • Joseph Gies (1916–2006), American historian, author, and husband of Frances Gies
  • Kurt Gies (1921–1943), German tennis player
  • Ludwig Gies (1887–1966), German sculptor and medallist
  • Miep Gies (1909–2010), Dutch resistance figure who helped hide Anne Frank
  • Reiner Gies (born 1963), German boxer who competed in the 1988 Olympics
  • William John Gies (1872–1956), American biochemist and dentist
;As a given name
  • (1920–1997), Belgian painter and politician
  • Other

    • Gies College of Business
    • Gies Kerzen GmbH, German candle manufacturer

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