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  Matveyev ( ; masculine) or Matveyeva ( ; feminine) is a Russian language family name. Its alternative spellings include Matveev. The name is derived from the male given name Matvey and literally means Matvey's. It may refer to:
  • Aleksandr Matveyev (disambiguation)
    • Aleksandr Matveyev (linguist) (b. 1926), Russian linguist
    • Aleksandr Matveyev (medic), Russian medic
    • Aleksandr Matveyev (officer) (b. 1922), Soviet army officer and Full Cavalier of the Order of Glory
    • Aleksandr Matveyev (sculptor) (1878–1960), Russian sculptor
  • Andrey Matveyev (1666–1728), Russian statesman
  • Andrey Matveyev (painter) (1702–1739), Russian painter
  • Artamon Matveyev (1625–1682), Russian statesman, diplomat and reformer
  • Boris Matveyev (percussionist) (1928–?), Russian percussionist
  • Boris Matveyev (zoologist) (1889–1973), Soviet zoologist
  • Boris Matveyev (footballer) (b. 1970), Soviet and Russian footballer
  • Fyodor Matveyev (1758–1826), Russian painter and graphic artist
  • Ivan Matveyev (1890–1918), participant of the Russian Civil War
  • Kyrylo Matveyev (b. 1996), Ukrainian footballer
  • Mikhail Matveyev (1914–1944), Soviet aircraft pilot and Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Oleh Matveyev (b. 1970), Russian-born Ukrainian footballer
  • Novella Matveyeva (b. 1934), Russian bard
  • Pavel Matveyev (b. 1980), Russian artist
  • Svetlana Matveeva (b. 1969), Russian chess player
  • Tatiana Matveyeva (b. 1985), Russian weightlifter
  • Tatiana Matveeva (footballer), Georgian football player
  • Vladimir Matveyev (1911–1942), Soviet aircraft pilot and Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Yevgeny Matveyev (1922–2003), Soviet and Russian actor, film director and screenwriter

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  • Matveev Kurgan, a rural locality (a settlement) in Rostov Oblast, Russia

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