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Honesto Pesimo, Jr.

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Honesto "Jun" Pesimo, Jr. is a Bicolano writer, teacher and the author of Bagyo sa Oktubre (2009).Bikol Literary Titles to be Launched on August 15 Vox Bikol (retrieved 2009-8-19) He is a founding member of Kabulig-Bikol, and one of the editors of Bangraw kan Arte, Literatura asin Kultura. Local artists liven up plaza with poetry, music Kabulig-Writers Bureau (retrieved 2009-8-18)de Ungria, Ricardo M. Enriching Knowledge by Publishing the Regional Languages Asiatic, University of the PhilippinesUniversity of the Philippines-Mindanao, June 2009, p. 30 He also edited the book entitled Girok: erotika published by Kabulig-Bikol in 2017.
His poems appeared in Home Life magazine, Burak, An Tambobong nin Literaturang Bikolnon and Ani 39: Kahayupan/The Animal Kingdom. His poem was among the works included in the book Sagurong: 100 na Kontemporanyong Rawitdawit sa Manlain-lain na Tataramon Bikol (2011). In 2013, his short story entitled Kublit was anthologized in Hagong: Mga Osipon edited by Paz Verdades Santos and Francisco Peñones, Jr.
In 2000, Pesimo was among the participants at 36th University of the Philippines National Creative Writing Workshop held in Baguio City. He was one of the panelists at Juliana Arejola-Fajardo Workshop sa Pagsurat-Bikol in 2004. He also served as a panelist at Saringsing Writers Workshop, the annual writers workshop of Parasurat Bikolnon, in 2014 and 2015.

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