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  The term Schatz can refer to:
  • An ornamental or occupational German surname meaning "treasure" or "treasury" (as a town treasurer)
    • A term of endearment in German-speaking countries, comparable to "honey" or "darling" in English
  • The futures contract listed on Eurex with this two-year debt as the underlying.
The term Shatz (pronounced the same way as Schatz) can refer to:
  • The Yiddish name of a city in Europe
  • Surnames

    People with the surname Schatz or variants include:
    • Aaron Schatz, NFL analyst
    • Albert Schatz (disambiguation)
    • Avner Shats, Israeli author
    • Boris Schatz, founder of Bezalel Academy
    • Brian Schatz, American politician, representing Hawaii in the U.S. Senate
    • Carla J. Shatz, American neurobiologist
    • Carsten Schatz (born 1970), German politician (Die Linke)
    • Donny Schatz, sprint car driver
    • George C. Schatz, American theoretical chemist
    • Gottfried Schatz, Swiss-Austrian biochemist
    • Henry L. Schatz, German American agriculture attaché, involved in Canadian Caper
    • Herman Schatz, American blacksmith and politician
    • Howard Schatz, American photographer
    • Ilene Kristen (born Ilene Schatz)
    • Jerry Tucker (actor) (born Jerome H. Schatz)
    • Leslie Shatz, American sound engineer
    • Lydia Schatz, Liberian-American girl, killed by her own parents
    • Mark Schatz, musician
    • Mike Schatz, American creative director, copywriter, and voice actor
    • Paul Schatz (1898–1979), sculptor, inventor and mathematician
    • Roman Schatz, German-born Finnish television presenter and writer
    • Ruta Å aca-MarjaÅ¡a (Ruta Maksovna Shats-Mariash)
    • Shaul Shats, Israeli painter
    • Warren Schatz, American producer, arranger and orchestra conductor
    • Zahara Schatz, Israeli artist

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