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William Davies

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  William, Will, Bill or Billy Davies may refer to:


  • William Davies (English cricketer) (fl. 1844)
  • William Davies (cricketer, born 1825) (1825–1868), English cricketer and clergyman
  • William Davies (footballer, born 1855) (1855–1916), Oswestry F.C. and Wales international footballer
  • William Davies (sport shooter) (1881–1942), Canadian Olympic sports shooter
  • William Davies (footballer, born 1882) (1882–1966), Wrexham F.C., Blackburn Rovers F.C. and Wales international footballer
  • Bill L. Davies (1883–1959), Australian rules footballer
  • Billy Davies (Welsh footballer) (1883–1960), Crystal Palace F.C., West Bromwich Albion F.C. and Wales international footballer
  • William Davies (footballer, born 1873) (1873–1929), English footballer for Bolton Wanderers
  • William Davies (footballer, born 1884) (1884–1954), footballer for Stoke
  • William Davies (rugby) (1890–1967), rugby union and rugby league footballer of the 1910s and 1920s
  • Bill Davies (golfer) (1892–1967), English Ryder Cup golfer
  • Will Davies (rugby) (fl. 1910s), rugby league footballer for Great Britain, Wales and Halifax
  • Willie Davies (footballer) (1900–1953), Swansea Town F.C., Cardiff City F.C., Notts County F.C.,Tottenham Hotspur F.C. and Wales international footballer
  • Bill Davies (cricketer, born 1901) (1901–?), Welsh cricketer
  • Will Davies (rugby player) (1906–1975), Wales international rugby union player
  • Bill Davies (cricketer, born 1906) (1906–1971), Welsh cricketer
  • Taffy Davies or William Davies (1910–1995), Welsh footballer with Watford
  • Billy Davies (rugby) (fl. 1930s), rugby union and rugby league footballer
  • Bill Davies (Canadian football) (1916–1990), Canadian football player
  • Willie Davies (1916–2002), Welsh dual-code rugby footballer
  • Bill Davies (rugby league) (fl. 1940s), rugby league footballer for Wales, and Huddersfield
  • Bill Davies (footballer) (1930–2003), Australian footballer
  • William Davies (wrestler) (born 1931), Australian Olympic wrestler
  • Billy Davies (cricketer, born 1936), Welsh former cricketer
  • Tony Davies or William Anthony Davies (1939–2008), New Zealand rugby union footballer
  • William Davies (rugby league) (born 1948), English rugby league footballer
  • Dai Davies (footballer, born 1948) or William David Davies, Welsh goalkeeper
  • Billy Davies (born 1964), Scottish footballer and manager
  • William Davies (cricketer, born 1972), English cricketer


  • William Davies (Georgia judge) (1775–1829), Georgia-based politician and lawyer
  • William Davies (Pembrokeshire MP) (1821–1895), British Member of Parliament for Pembrokeshire, 1880–1892
  • William Davies (New South Wales politician) (1824–1890)
  • William T. Davies (1831–1912), Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania, United States, 1887–1891
  • Sir William Howell Davies (1851–1932), British Member of Parliament for Bristol South, 1906–1922
  • William Thomas Frederick Davies (1860–1947), South African surgeon, army officer and politician
  • William Rees Morgan Davies (1863–1939), British Member of Parliament for Pembrokeshire, 1892–1898
  • Rupert Davies (politician) (William Rupert Davies, 1879–1967), Canadian author, newspaper publisher and Senator
  • Billy Davies (politician) (1884–1956), Welsh-born Australian member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly and the Australian Parliament
  • William Gwynne Davies (1916–1999), trade unionist and politician in Saskatchewan, Canada

Other people

  • William Davies (priest) (died 1593), Welsh Roman Catholic priest and martyr
  • William Davies (highwayman) (died 1689), known as the Golden Farmer and hanged in Surrey, England
  • William Davies (Virginia) (fl. 1770s), Continental Army officer in the American Revolutionary War
  • William Davies (died 1819), English publisher with Cadell & Davies
  • William Davies (palaeontologist) (1814–1891), British palaeontologist
  • William Edmund Davies (1819–1879), bookmaker
  • William Broughton Davies (1831–1906), Sierra Leonean medical doctor
  • William Henry Davies (entrepreneur) (1831–1921), Canadian pork packer
  • William W. Davies (1833–1906), leader of a schismatic Latter Day Saint group in Washington, United States
  • William Davies (master mariner) (1862–1936), sea captain and partner in Davies and Newman
  • W. H. Davies (William Henry Davies, 1871–1940), Welsh poet
  • William Llewelyn Davies (1887–1952), chief librarian of the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth
  • William David Davies (1897–1969), Welsh Presbyterian minister and theologian
  • William J. Davies (fl..1900–1927), Welsh trade union leader
  • William W. Davies (USMC) (1900–1985), United States Marine Corps general
  • Sir William Arthian Davies (1901–1979), British lawyer and judge
  • William Edward Davies (1917–1990), American geologist and caver
  • William H. Davies (1931–2017), justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia
  • William Davies (psychologist) (born 1950), British psychologist
  • William Davies (screenwriter) (fl. 1980s–2010s), British-born American screenwriter
  • William Davies (political writer) (born 1976), English writer, political and sociological theorist
  • Bill Davies (died 2016), English real estate developer, owner of Old Chicago Main Post Office


  • Will Davies (Hollyoaks), a character on Hollyoaks
  • Billy Davies (River City), a character on River City

Other uses

  • William Davies Company, former Canadian pork packing firm
  • See also

    • William Richardson Davie (1756–1820), Governor of North Carolina
    • William Davis (disambiguation)
    • William Davies Evans (1790–1872), seafarer, inventor, and chess player
    • William Rees-Davies (disambiguation)
    • William Davies Thomas (1889–1954), professor of English at Saskatchewan and Swansea

    Davies, William

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