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Marco Polo (disambiguation)

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Marco Polo was a 13th-century Italian explorer.
Marco Polo may also refer to:


  • Marco Polo (producer) (b. 1979), Canadian hip hop producer
  • Marco Polo Del Nero (b. 1941), Brazilian sports administrator


  • Marco Polo (crater), lunar crater
  • Marco Polo House, now-demolished office building in London
  • Marco Polo Park, defunct theme park in Florida in the 1970s
  • Venice Marco Polo Airport, international airport in Venice, Italy
  • Marco Polo Bridge, bridge southwest of Beijing, China
  • The Marco Polo high-rise condominium building in Honolulu, the site of the Marco Polo condo fire in 2017

Media and entertainment

  • The Adventures of Marco Polo, 1938 film directed by John Ford, starring Gary Cooper
  • Marco Polo (1962 film), film starring Rory Calhoun
  • Marco Polo (2007 film), 2007 TV film
  • Marco Polo Fest, Croatian music festival
  • Marco Polo (opera), 1996 opera by Tan Dun
  • "Marco Polo" (Bow Wow song), 2008 song by Bow Wow
  • Marco Polo, a 1998 EP by Blueboy
  • "Marco Polo", a 1981 song by Harry Sacksioni
  • "The Marco Polo", a song by The Spinners
  • Marco Polo – The Journey (1992 album), album by Ensemble Renaissance
  • Marco Polo, a label of the Naxos Records music group
  • Marco Polo (Doctor Who), missing 1964 serial of Doctor Who
  • Marco Polo (miniseries), 1982 American-Italian television mini-series
  • "Marco Polo" (Modern Family), episode from the TV series Modern Family
  • "Marco Polo" (The Sopranos), episode from the TV series The Sopranos
  • Marco Polo (TV series), 2014 American Netflix series

Space missions

  • Marco Polo (spacecraft), abandoned asteroid sample return concept
  • MarcoPolo-R, asteroid sample return concept
  • Marcopolo, two communication satellites launched in 1989 for British Satellite Broadcasting



  • Marco Polo (1851 ship), clipper ship run aground on Prince Edward Island
  • CMA CGM Marco Polo, world's largest container ship at its launch
  • Italian cruiser Marco Polo, an armored cruiser built for the Royal Italian Navy
  • , a cruise ship
  • , a cargo ship which became the World War II ammunition ship USS Mount Hood (AE-11)
  • , the intended new name of the ship SS Maxim Gorkiy when placed in service with Oriental Lines in 2009


  • Lamborghini Marco Polo, a car design study by Lamborghini
  • Marcopolo S.A., a Brazilian bus manufacturer
    • Tata Marcopolo, Indian subsidiary
  • MarcoPolo Airways, Afghani airline

Other uses

  • Marco Polo (game), a game played in a swimming pool
  • Marco Polo (app), a multimedia messaging app
  • Fronte Marco Polo, Venetian political party
  • Marco Polo Cycling Club, a cycling development organization
  • Marco Polo Cycling–Donckers Koffie, aka Marco Polo Cycling (Marco Polo), a UCI pro cycling team
  • Marco Polo Hotels, Hong Kong based hotel management company
    • Marco Polo Ortigas Manila
  • Marco Polo sheep, subspecies of sheep found in the Himalayas

See also

  • The Travels of Marco Polo, by Marco Polo
  • Marc O'Polo
  • The Adventures of Marco Polo
  • Marco Polo, if You Can
  • Marco the Magnificent
  • Marco Polo Bridge Incident
  • Colias marcopolo (C. marcopolo), a butterfly species
  • Mark di Suvero
  • Maurizio De Jorio

Polo, Marco

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