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  Heilmann is a German language surname. It can be tracked to early 16th-century Protestant families in south-west Germany (various locations); In France, it has spread around 1545 to Mulhouse (Mülhausen in German), a city now in the Alsace region.
Members of the Heilmann family of Mulhouse, of Protestant faith, issued from Lorentz Heilmann, a cooper, common ancestor born in 1545 in Niedernhall (now in Germany) and having established himself in Mulhouse :
  • Jean-Gaspard Heilmann (c. 1718 – 1760), French painter
  • Nicolas Heilmann, Burgmeister (mayor) of Mulhouse from 1753 to 1766.
  • Josué Heilmann (1796–1848), inventor, in particular of a hand embroidery machine.
  • Jean-Jacques Heilmann (1822–1859), early photographer and cofounder of the Société Française de Photographie.
  • Jean-Jacques Heilmann (1853–1922), inventor of the Heilmann locomotive "La Fusée Electrique", one of the first electric locomotives.
Members of the Heilmann family initially from Geiselbach, who co-founded the Heilmann & Littmann German building company:
  • Jakob Heilmann, (1846–1927), co-founder of the company
  • Otto Heilmann (1888–1945), German architect
  • Albert Heilmann, (1869–1949), German architect
  • Mary Heilmann (born 1940), American artist.
Other people bearing this name:
In Germany:
  • Pr Sebastian Heilmann (b.1965), German political scientist and sinologist.
  • Lutz Heilmann, (b.1966), German politician (Die Linke) and member of the German Parliament for Schleswig-Holstein.
In other countries than France and Germany :
  • Gerhard Heilmann, Danish artist and paleontologist.
  • Harry Heilmann, American baseball player issued from a 17th-century "Heylmann" ancestor from South-West Germany

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