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  Bogdanov (Богданов) or Bogdanova (Богданова; feminine) is a common Russian surname that derives from the given name Bogdan and literally means Bogdan's. Translated: Bogu dan = God gave. Notable people with the surname include:


  • Abraham Bogdanove (1888-1946) Russian muralist, artist and educator
  • Anatoli Petrovich Bogdanov (1834–1896), Russian zoologist and anthropologist
  • Andrei Ivanovich Bogdanov (1692–1766), Russian bibliographer and ethnographer
  • Bogdan Bogdanov (born 1940), Bulgarian classical philologist, culturologist and translator
  • Igor and Grichka Bogdanov (born 1949), French TV hosts and twin brothers, notable for the Bogdanov Affair and numerous internet memes
  • Ivan Bogdanov (1897–1942), Soviet military officer
  • Ivan Bogdanov (painter) (1855-1932), Russian painter
  • Konstantin Bogdanov, Russian anthropologist and philologist
  • Malachi Bogdanov, British theatre director
  • Michael Bogdanov (1938–2017), British theatre director
  • Mikhail Aleksandrovich Bogdanov (1914–1995), Soviet production designer
  • Modest Bogdanov (1841—1888), Russian zoologist
  • Nikolay Bogdanov-Belsky (1868–1945), Russian painter
  • Rifkat Bogdanov (1950–2013), Tatar-Russian mathematician
  • Semen llyich Bogdanov (1894–1960), Soviet military officer, Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Vladimir Leonidovich Bogdanov (born 1951), Russian oil tycoon


  • Alexander Bogdanov (1873–1928), Belarusian-Russian physician, philosopher, economist, writer and revolutionary
  • Andrei Vladimirovich Bogdanov, (born 1970), Russian politician


  • Anatoli Bogdanov (born 1981), Russian footballer
  • Anatoli Ivanovich Bogdanov (born 1931), Soviet sport shooter
  • Andrei Bogdanov, swimmer
  • Eduard Bogdanov (born 1968), Russian football player and coach
  • Galin Bogdanov (born 1990), Bulgarian football player
  • Lyubomir Bogdanov (born 1982), Bulgarian football player
  • Maksims Bogdanovs (born 1989), Latvian motorcycle speedway rider
  • Petar Bogdanov, Bulgarian high jumper
  • Sergei Dmitriyevich Bogdanov (born 1977), Russian footballer
  • Valeri Bogdanov (footballer, born 1952), Russian football player and coach
  • Valeri Bogdanov (footballer, born 1966), Russian football player


  • Anna Bogdanova (born 1984), Russian heptathlete
  • Krasimira Bogdanova, Bulgarian basketball player
  • Ludmila Bogdanova, penname of Belarusian writer Rakitina Nika (born 1963)
  • Lyudmila Bogdanova, Russian judoka
  • (1836–1897), Russian dancer with an international career, prima ballerina of Paris Opera and Bolshoi Theatre.
  • Svetlana Bogdanova (handballer) (born 1964), Russian handball player
  • Svetlana Bogdanova (water polo) (born 1976), Russian water polo player
  • Yuliya Bogdanova, Soviet swimmer
  • Glikeriya Vasilievna Bogdanova-Chesnokova (1904–1983), Soviet theatre and film actress

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