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  Stepanov (Степанов) is a common Russian and Serbian surname that is derived from the male given name Stepan and literally means Stepan's. Notable people with the surname include:
  • Aleksandr Stepanov (disambiguation), several people
  • Alexandra Stepanova (born 1995), Russian ice dancer
  • Aleksandra Stepanova (handballer) (born 1989), Russian handball player
  • Aleksei Stepanov (born 1977), Russian association football player
  • Alexander Stepanov, designer of the C++ Standard Template Library
  • Alexei Stepanov (1858–1923), Russian painter
  • Andrei Stepanov (footballer) (born 1979), Estonian association football player
  • Galina Stepanova (rower) (born 1958), Russian rowing at the 1980 Summer Olympics – Women's coxless pair
  • Galina Stepanova-Prozumenshchykova (1948–2015), Russian swimmer
  • Georgy Stepanov (1890-1953), Soviet naval officer
  • Igors Stepanovs, Latvian association football player
  • Ilona Å tÄ›pánová-Kurzová (1899–1975), Czech pianist and professor
  • Inna Stepanova (born 1990), Russian archer
  • Konstantin Stepanov (1922–1999), Soviet army officer and Hero of the Soviet Union
  • Lilia Stepanova (born 1987), Moldovan contortionist
  • Maria Stepanova (born June, 9, 1972), Russian poet and founder of the news site Colta
  • Maria Stepanova (born 1979), Russian basketball player
  • Marina Stepanova (born 1950), Russian hurdler
  • Milan Stepanov, Serbian association football player
  • Nadezhda Stepanova (born 1959), Russian long-distance runner
  • Oleg Stepanov (judoka), Soviet judoka
  • Onufriy Stepanov, an explorer of the Russian Far East
  • Sergei Stepanov (disambiguation), several people
  • Tatiana Stepanova (born 1962), Ukrainian ballet expert
  • Tatiana Stepanova (ballerina), Ukrainian ballerina
  • Varvara Stepanova (1894–1958), Russian avant-garde artist
  • Vasilijs Stepanovs, Latvian weightlifter
  • Vasiliy Stepanov (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Vladimir Ivanovich Stepanov, Russian dancer
  • Vladimir Stepanov (disambiguation), multiple people
  • Vyacheslav Stepanov, Russian mathematician
  • Yuliya Stepanova (born 1962), Russian cross-country skier
  • Yuliya Stepanova (born 1986), Russian athlete

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  • Å tÄ›pánov (disambiguation), several places in the Czech Republic
  • Stepanovka

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