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  Palmieri is an Italian surname. Notable people with the surname include:
  • Andrea Matteo Palmieri (1493–1537), Italian Roman Catholic bishop and cardinal
  • Davide Cocco Palmieri (1632-1711), Italian Roman Catholic Bishop of Malta
  • Domenico Palmieri (1829–1909), Italian Jesuit scholastic theologian
  • Donato Palmieri (c. 1550–c. 1580), Italian painter of the late Renaissance period, also known as Donato da Formello
  • Francesco Palmieri (1659-1701), Italian poet and musician
  • Giuseppe Palmieri (1674-1740), Italian painter of the late Baroque period
  • Giuseppe Palmieri (1721-1793), Italian economist and politician
  • Pietro Palmieri, former Italian racing driver
  • Alessandro "Alex" Palmieri (born 1991), Italian singer, songwriter and LGBT activist
  • Charlie Palmieri (1927–1988), Puerto Rican-American pianist and bandleader
  • Eddie Palmieri (born 1936), Puerto Rican-American pianist and bandleader
  • Edmund Louis Palmieri (1907–1989), United States District Judge
  • Emerson Palmieri (born 1994), Brazilian-born Italian footballer
  • Ermanno Palmieri (1921-1982), Italian professional football player
  • Federico Palmieri (born 1995), Italian football player
  • Francesco Palmieri (born 1975), Italian retired footballer
  • Fulvio Palmieri (1903–1966), Italian screenwriter
  • Giovanni Palmieri (1906–unknown), Italian male tennis player
  • Giovanni Palmieri dos Santos (born 1989), Brazilian professional footballer
  • Giuseppe Palmieri (1902-1989), Italian high jumper and javelin thrower
  • Irma Palmieri (1931–2015), Venezuelan actress and comedian
  • Jennifer M. Palmieri (born 1966), former White House Director of Communications and Director of Communications
  • Gerard Anthony Palmieri (born 1958), American football strength and conditioning coach
  • Julian Palmieri (born 1986), French professional footballer
  • Kyle Palmieri (born 1991), American ice hockey player
  • Luigi Palmieri (1807–1896), Italian physicist and meteorologist
  • Mario Rubén García Palmieri (1927–2014), Spanish cardiologist
  • Matteo Palmieri (1406–1475), Italian humanist and historian
  • Paul Palmieri (CEO) (born 1970), American entrepreneur
  • Paul Palmieri (Bickertonite) (born 1933), American religious leader
  • Rubi Lira Miranda Palmieri (born 1983), Brazilian female water polo player
  • Silvio Palmieri (1957–2018), Canadian composer
  • Stefano Palmieri (born 1964), Sammarinese politician, who served as a Captain Regent of San Marino together with Matteo Ciacci
  • Victor Palmieri (born 1930), American lawyer, real estate financier and businessman
  • Wayan Palmieri (born 1977), American music video director, film editor and photographer

Fictional characters

  • Grace Palmieri
  • Marco and Giuseppe Palmieri, characters in Gilbert and Sullivan's The Gondoliers

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  • Palmier (surname)

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