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Snoek (surname)

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Snoek is a Dutch surname. Meaning "pike" in Dutch, it may be a metaphorical name or metonymic occupational surname (referring to a fisherman). However, in Zeeland Snoek was also a common given name in the middle ages and the name may be patronymic in origin. Varian forms are Snoeck and Snoeks.Snoek at the Database of Surnames in The Netherlands. People with the surname include:
  • (1766–1829), Dutch tragedy actor
  • Hans Snoek (1910–2001), Dutch dancer, choreographer and ballet director
  • (1902–1950), Dutch physicist and crystallographer, known e.g. for the
  • (1896–1981), Dutch track cyclist
  • Hendrik Snoek, German show jumper and businessman
  • Paul Snoek (1933–1981), Belgian poet


  • (1885–1946), Dutch violinist and conductor
  • (1834–1898), Belgian collector of musical instruments
  • Henri Snoeck (fl. 1920), Belgian Olympic wrestler
  • Jan Snoeck (1927–2018), Dutch sculptor and ceramist


  • Daniel Snoeks (born 1994), Australian model and television personality in Korea
  • Jiske Snoeks (born 1978), Dutch field hockey player
  • Kelvin Snoeks (born 1987), Dutch racing driver

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