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John Kelly

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  John or Jack Kelly may refer to:


Academics and scientists

  • John Kelly (engineer), Irish professor, former Registrar of University College Dublin
  • John Kelly (scholar) (1750–1809), at Douglas, Isle of Man
  • John Forrest Kelly (1859–1922), scientist

Arts and entertainment

  • Jack Kelly (actor) (1927–1992), American film and TV actor, in U.S. TV series Maverick
  • John Kelly (actor) (1901–1947), American film actor whose credits include Meet Dr. Christian
  • John Kelly (artist) (born 1965), Australian artist
  • John Kelly (author) (born 1964), British author and illustrator
  • John Kelly (Doctor Who) (born 1978), member of the Doctor Who Restoration Team
  • John Kelly (Irish broadcaster) (born 1965), Irish radio broadcaster and presenter of The View
  • John Liddell Kelly (1850–1925), British journalist and poet
  • John Melville Kelly (1879–1962), American/Hawaiian artist
  • John Kelly (performance artist) (born 1959), American performance artist, visual artist and writer
  • Johnny Kelly (born 1968), American drummer


United Kingdom

  • John Kelly (Sinn Féin politician) (1936–2007), Northern Irish republican leader
  • John Richards Kelly (1844–1922), British Member of Parliament for Camberwell North, 1886–1892
  • Basil Kelly (John William Basil Kelly, 1920–2008), Northern Irish Unionist politician

United States

  • Jack Kelly (politician) (born c. 1939), former Philadelphia Republican councilman-at-large
  • John Kelly (New York politician) (1822–1886), politician in Tammany Hall, U.S. Representative from New York (1855–1858)
  • John B. Kelly (Boston politician) (died 1969), Boston City councilor
  • John David Kelly (1934–1998), American judge
  • John F. Kelly (born 1950), former White House Chief of Staff, United States Marine Corps general, and Secretary of Homeland Security
  • John F. Kelly (Michigan politician) (1949–2018), Judge Advocate General and State Senator for Michigan
  • John V. Kelly (1926–2009), American Republican Party politician in New Jersey
  • John Kelly (Brooklyn politician) (1855–1900), American politician from New York

Other countries

  • John Kelly (bailiff) (c. 1793–1854), Member of the House of Keys and High Bailiff of Castletown, Isle of Man
  • John Kelly (Canadian politician) (1852–1934), municipal councillor in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • John Kelly (New South Wales politician) (1840–1896), Australian politician
  • John Kelly (Roscommon politician) (born 1960), Irish Labour Party Senator
  • John M. Kelly (politician) (1931–1991), Irish Fine Gael politician, cabinet member, legal scholar, and novelist
  • John Robert Kelly (1849–1919), farmer and politician in colonial South Australia

Military personnel

  • John Kelly of Killanne (died 1798), leader of the Irish Rebellion of 1798 in Wexford
  • Jack Sherwood Kelly (1880–1931), adventurer and soldier awarded the Victoria Cross
  • John Kelly (Royal Navy officer) (1871–1936), British Admiral of the Fleet
  • John D. Kelly (Korean War soldier) (1928–1952), USMC, Korean War Medal of Honor recipient
  • John D. Kelly (World War II soldier) (1923–1944), American soldier, World War II Medal of Honor recipient
  • John F. Kelly (born 1950), White House Chief of Staff, United States Marine Corps general, and Secretary of Homeland Security
  • John H. Kelly (1840–1864), Confederate brigadier general
  • John J. Kelly (1898–1957), USMC, World War I, Army Medal of Honor and Navy Medal of Honor recipient
  • John Edward Kelly (general) (1911–1995), officer in the United States Army


Association football

  • Jack Kelly (English footballer) (1913–2000), English footballer with clubs including Burnley and Leeds United
  • John Kelly (footballer, born 1909) (1909–?), English footballer for York City
  • John Kelly (footballer, born 1913) (1913–?), English footballer for Bradford City
  • John Kelly (footballer, born 1921) (1921–2001), Scottish international football player (Barnsley)
  • John Kelly (footballer, born 1935), Scottish footballer for Crewe Alexandra
  • John Kelly (footballer, born 1960), Anglo-Irish soccer player whose clubs included Tranmere Rovers, Preston
  • John Paul Kelly (born 1987), Irish footballer

American football

  • John Kelly (American football) (born 1944), American football player
  • John Kelly (running back) (born 1996), American football running back
  • Shipwreck Kelly (American football) (John Simms Kelly, 1910–1986), American football player

Rugby football

  • John Kelly (rugby league), English former rugby union and professional rugby league footballer
  • John Kelly (rugby union) (born 1974), Irish rugby union player
  • Jack Kelly (rugby union, born 1926) (1926–2002), New Zealand rugby union player
  • Jack Kelly (rugby union, born 1997) (born 1997), Irish rugby union player

Other sports

  • Kick Kelly (John O. Kelly, 1856–1926), American baseball player and umpire, boxing referee and gambling operator
  • Jack Kelly (Australian footballer) (1916–1971), Australian rules footballer for St Kilda
  • John Kelly (boxer) (1932–2016), Northern Irish boxer
  • John Kelly (catcher) (1859–1908), 1879–1884 baseball player
  • John Kelly (equestrian) (born 1930), Australian Olympic equestrian
  • John Kelly (golfer) (born 1984), American amateur golfer
  • John Kelly (Lancashire and Derbyshire cricketer) (1922–1979), English cricketer
  • John Kelly (Nottinghamshire cricketer) (1930–2008), English cricketer
  • John Kelly (outfielder) (1879–1944), 1907 baseball player
  • John Kelly (racewalker) (1929–2012), Irish Olympic athlete
  • John Kelly (sportscaster) (born 1960), ice hockey sportscaster
  • John Kelly (Tipperary hurler) (born 1948), Irish retired sportsperson
  • John B. Kelly Jr. (1927–1985), Olympic rower, Philadelphia councilman, head of the US Olympic Committee and brother of Grace Kelly
  • John B. Kelly Sr. (1889–1960), nicknamed "Jack", Olympic rower, father of actress, Grace Kelly and John B. Kelly Jr.
  • Jack Kelly (hurler) (born 1996), Irish hurler

Other people

  • John Kelly (1840–1904), British architect specialising in churches, see Kelly & Birchall
  • John Kelly (diplomat) (born 1941), British diplomat and Governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands
  • John Kelly (minister) (1801–1876), Congregational minister
  • John A. Kelly (1943–1978), American investigative journalist in Boston, Massachusetts
  • John Gregory Kelly (born 1956), American Roman Catholic bishop
  • John Hall Kelly (1879–1941), former Canadian High Commissioner to Ireland
  • John Hubert Kelly (1939–2011), U.S. diplomat
  • John Larry Kelly Jr. (1923–1965), Bell Labs scientist, originator of the Kelly criterion for wealth maximization
  • John Q. Kelly (born 1953), New York City attorney
  • John P. Kelly (clergyman), convening apostle of the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders


  • Jack Kelly, character in the 1992 Disney film Newsies, played by Christian Bale, and the Disney stage musical Newsies where the role was originated by Jeremy Jordan
  • Jack Kelly, lawyer uncle in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia with concerns about the size of his hands
  • John Kelly (John Clark), character in a number of Tom Clancy novels
  • John Kelly (NYPD Blue), character on the TV series NYPD Blue, played by David Caruso


  • John Kelly Girls' Technology College
  • John P. Kelly (album), a 2001 album by rapper Mr. Cheeks

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  • Jon Kelly (disambiguation)
  • John Kelley (disambiguation)

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