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Wasserman or Wassermann is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
  • Aaron E. Wasserman (1920–2015), American food scientist
  • Aharon Wasserman (born 1986), American entrepreneur and software designer
  • Anatoly Wasserman (born 1952), Russian journalist and political pundit
  • Antony Wassermann (born 1957), British mathematician
  • August von Wassermann (1866-1925), German bacteriologist
  • Bob Wasserman (1934-2011), American politician and police chief, Mayor of Fremont, California
  • Cale Wassermann (born 1983), American soccer coach
  • Casey Wasserman (born 1974), American entertainment executive and owner of the Los Angeles Avengers
  • Dale Wasserman (1914 2008), American playwright
  • Dan Wasserman, American political cartoonist
  • Debbie Wasserman Schultz (born 1966), American politician from Florida
  • Dora Wasserman (1919–2003), actress and founder of the Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre in Montreal
  • Edward Wasserman, American professor of psychology at the University of Iowa
  • Ehren Wassermann (born 1980), American baseball pitcher
  • Elchonon Wasserman (1874-1941), Lithuanian rabbi and rosh yeshiva
  • Eva Wasserman-Margolis, American composer, conductor and clarinet player
  • Gordon Wasserman, Baron Wasserman (born 1938), member of the UK House of Lords
  • Harvey Wasserman (born 1945), American journalist
  • Jack Wasserman (1927-1977), Canadian newspaper columnist
  • Jakob Wassermann (1873-1934), German writer and novelist
  • James Wasserman (born 1948), American author and occultist
  • Jeffrey Wasserman (1946-2006), American artist
  • Jerry Wasserman (born 1945), American actor
  • John L. Wasserman (1938-1979), American entertainment critic for the San Francisco Chronicle from 1964 - 1979
  • Kathryn Wasserman Davis (1907-2013), American philanthropist and foundation executive
  • Kevin 'Noodles' Wasserman (born 1963), American lead guitarist and background vocalist for The Offspring
  • Kimberly Wasserman, American environmentalist
  • Larry A. Wasserman, Canadian statistician
  • Lew Wasserman (1913-2002), American film and entertainment agent and studio executive
  • Mel Wasserman (1932-2002), American businessman, entrepreneur and founder of CEDU Education
  • Noam T. Wasserman, American academic
  • Oscar Wassermann (1869-1934), German banker
  • Paul Wasserman (1934–2007), American entertainment publicist
  • Philip Wasserman (1828–1895), mayor of Portland, Oregon
  • Rick D. Wasserman (born 1973), American actor
  • Rob Wasserman (1952–2016), American composer and bass player
  • Robert Wasserman (disambiguation), several people
  • Robin Wasserman (born 1978), American novelist
  • Ron Wasserman (born 1961), American composer
  • Ruth Wasserman Lande (born 1976), Israeli diplomat, lecturer and social activist
  • Sandra Wasserman (born 1970), Belgian tennis player
  • Sheldon Wasserman (born 1961), Wisconsin State Assembly member
  • Simcha Wasserman (1899-1992), Rabbi/Educator, founder of several schools (France, USA, Israel)
  • Stanley Wasserman (born 1951), American statistician
  • Suzanne Wasserman (1957–2017), American film director, historian and writer
  • Tony Wasserman, American computer scientist
  • Václav Wasserman (1898–1967), Czechoslovak screenwriter, film actor and director
  • Walter Wassermann (1883–1944), German screenwriter
  • Zbigniew Wassermann (1949-2010), Polish politician

See also

  • Jakob-Wassermann-Literaturpreis, a Bavarian literary prize
  • Toppo Wassermann College, a boarding school in Udine, Italy
  • Wasserman 9-Panel Plot, a graphical representation of cardiopulmonary exercise testing data
  • Wasserman radar, a long-range, height finder radar built by Germany during World War II
  • Wassermann Lake, a lake in Minnesota, United States
  • Wassermann test, a complement-fixation antibody test for syphilis, named after August von Wassermann

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