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  Vasilevsky, also transliterated as Vasilievsky or Vasilyevsky, is a Russian surname ( ) or place name ( ), derived from the given name Vasily. It may refer to:


  • Vasilyevsky Island, an island in Saint Petersburg in the delta of the river Neva bordered by the Gulf of Finland
  • Vasilyevsky, the name of several rural localities of Russia


  • Aleksandr Vasilevsky (1895–1977), Russian Red Army Marshal, Chief of the General Staff, and Defense Minister (1949–1953)
  • Alexander Vasilevski (born 1975), Ukrainian professional ice hockey player
  • Alexei Vasilevsky (born 1980), Russian figure skater
  • Alexei Vasilevsky (born 1993), Russian hockey player
  • Alyaksey Vasilewski (born 1993), Belarusian professional football (soccer) player
  • Andrei Vasilevski (born 1966), former Russian goaltender
  • Andrei Vasilevski (born 1991), Belarusian professional tennis player
  • Andrei Vasilevskiy (born 1994), professional ice hockey goaltender for the Tampa Bay Lightning
  • Daniel Vasilevski (born 1981), Australian football (soccer) player of Macedonian heritage (senior career from 1999)
  • Lev Vasilevsky (also known as Leonid A. Tarasov; 1904–1979), KGB Resident in Mexico City during the Manhattan Project
  • Pyotr Vasilevsky (born 1956), Belarusian football player (1973–1985) and manager (1989–1991)
  • Vasily Vasilievsky (1838–1899), Russian historian who founded the St. Petersburg school of medieval studies
  • Vyacheslav Vasilevsky (born 1988), Russian mixed martial arts fighter
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