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Jennings is a surname of early medieval English origin (also the Anglicised version of the Irish surnames Mac Sheóinín or MacJonin). Notable people with the surname include:
  • Adam Jennings (born 1982), American football player
  • Al Jennings (Trinidad) (c1896–1980), Trinidadian musician, formed the Trinidad All Stars in London 1945
  • Al Jennings (1863–1961), American attorney in Oklahoma Territory, train robber and silent film star
  • Alex Jennings (born 1957), British actor
  • Anfernee Jennings (born 1997), American football player
  • Asa Jennings (1877–1933), American who commanded the evacuation of refugees after the Great Fire of Smyrna
  • Bernard Jennings (1929-2017), British local historian and adult educationist
  • Billy Jennings (born 1952), English footballer
  • Billy Jennings (Welsh footballer) (1893–1968), Welsh footballer
  • Brandon Jennings, American basketball player
  • Brian Jennings, American football player
  • Bryant Jennings, American boxer
  • Charles Edward Jennings (1751–1799), Irish-born French general
  • Charles Jennings (journalist) (1908–1973), Canadian journalist
  • Christine Jennings (born 1945), American politician
  • Claudia Jennings (1949–1979), American model and actress
  • Clyde Jennings (1916–2006), Florida philatelist
  • Edward Jennings (VC) (1820–1889), Irish recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Edward H. Jennings (1937–2019), tenth president of Ohio State University
  • Ed Jennings (born 1968), Florida politician
  • Edward Jennings (rowing) (1898–1975), American coxswain
  • Elizabeth Jennings (1926–2001), English poet
  • Elizabeth Jennings Graham (1830–1901), American black civil rights activist and teacher
  • Ernie Jennings (born 1949), American football player
  • Francis Jennings, American historian
  • Gary Jennings (1928–1999), American author
  • Gary Jennings Jr. (born 1997), American football player
  • Gavin Jennings (born 1957), Victorian Politician
  • George Jennings (1810–1882), pioneering British sanitary engineer
  • Gerald H. Jennings, ichthyologist and author
  • Greg Jennings, American football player
  • Henry Jennings, British privateer
  • Henry Constantine Jennings, English antiquarian
  • Herbert Spencer Jennings, zoologist, geneticist and eugenicist
  • Hughie Jennings, American baseball player
  • Humphrey Jennings (1907–1950), English filmmaker
  • Ivor Jennings (1903—1965), British lawyer
  • J. B. Jennings, American politician
  • James Jennings (born 1960), Irish philosopher
  • Jauan Jennings (born 1997), American football player
  • Jeremy Jennings, English political theorist
  • Jesse D. Jennings (1909–1997), American archaeologist
  • Joanne Jennings (born 1969), British high jumper
  • John Jennings (disambiguation), several people
  • Jonas Jennings, American football player
  • Jonathan Jennings, first governor of Indiana
  • J. T. W. Jennings, 20th century architect
  • Keaton Jennings. English cricketer
  • Keith Jennings (American football) (born 1966), American football player
  • Keith Jennings (basketball) (born 1968), American basketball player and coach
  • Keith R. Jennings (born 1932), English chemist
  • Keith Jennings (cricketer) (born 1953), English cricketer
  • Ken Jennings, holder of longest winning streak on the game show Jeopardy!
  • Kenneth Jennings, composer and director of the St. Olaf Choir
  • La Vinia Delois Jennings, American literary scholar
  • Leonard Jennings, English cricketer and Royal Air Force officer
  • Luke Jennings, British author of the novel Codename Villanelle
  • Lyfe Jennings, American musician
  • Lynn Jennings, American distance runner
  • M. D. Jennings, American football player
  • Marlene Jennings, Canadian politician
  • Mason Jennings, American musician
  • Michael Jennings (disambiguation), several people
  • Morley Jennings (1890–1985), American college sports coach
  • Newell Jennings (1883–1965), Associate Justice of the Connecticut Supreme Court
  • Nicky Jennings (1946–2016), English footballer
  • Professor Nick Jennings, Regius Professor of computer science
  • Owen Jennings, New Zealand politician
  • Pat Jennings, Northern Irish footballer
  • Patrick Jennings (1831–1897), Australian politician
  • Paul Jennings (Australian author) (born 1943), Australian children's author
  • Paul Jennings (British author) (1918–1989), English humorist
  • Paul Jennings (slave) (1799–1874), American slave owned by President James Madison
  • Peter Jennings (1938–2005), ABC News anchor and newsman
  • Peter Jennings (Serjeant-at-Arms) (born 1934), British public servant
  • Peter R. Jennings (born 1950), Canadian scientist and entrepreneur
  • Philip Jennings (The Americans), fictional character in the 2010s American television drama series The Americans
  • Philip Jennings (Queenborough MP) (c1679–1740), English lawyer and politician, MP for Queenborough 1715–22
  • Sir Philip Jennings-Clerke, 1st Baronet (c1722–January 1788), known as Philip Jennings until the 1760s, MP for Totnes 1768–88
  • Renz L. Jennings (1899–1983), Associate Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court
  • Richard E. Jennings (1927–1991), British comic book artist
  • Richard Jennings (c1619–1668), British politician
  • Rick Jennings (born 1953), American football player
  • Robert Yewdall Jennings (1913–2004), English jurist
  • Sarah Jennings (1660–1744), 1st Duchess of Marlborough
  • Shooter Jennings (born 1979), American musician
  • Stanford Jennings, American football player
  • Steve Jennings (footballer) (born 1984), English footballer
  • Stephen Arthur Jennings, Canadian mathematician
  • Talbot Jennings (1894–1985), American playwright and screenwriter
  • Ted Jennings (born 1990), American football player
  • Theodore Jennings (1942–2020), American author
  • Tim Jennings (born 1983), American football player
  • Tom Jennings (born 1955), creator of FidoNet
  • Toni Jennings (born 1949), American politician
  • Waylon Jennings (1937–2002), American country music singer
  • Will Jennings (born 1944), American songwriter
  • William Dale Jennings, American author
  • William M. Jennings (1920–1981), American businessman and hockey team owner
  • William Nicholson Jennings (1860–1946), American photographer
  • W. Pat Jennings (1919–1994), U.S. Representative from Virginia
  • William Sherman Jennings (1863–1920), governor of Florida

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  • William Jennings Bryan

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