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  Haga is a surname and place name common to Norway, Sweden and Japan. Haga may refer to:


  • Akane Haga (2002), 12th generation member of Japanese pop group Morning Musume
  • Arild Haga (1913–1985), Norwegian revue writer
  • , Japanese footballer
  • Ã…slaug Haga (born 1959), Norwegian politician and was the leader of the Centre Party
  • Borghild Bondevik Haga (1906–1990), Norwegian politician for the Liberal Party
  • Cornelius Haga (1578–1654), first ambassador of the Dutch Republic to the Ottoman Empire
  • Hans Haga (1924-2008), Norwegian agrarian leader
  • Hans Jensen Haga (1845-1924), Norwegian politician for the Conservative Party
  • Herman Haga (1852–1936), Dutch physicist
  • , Japanese boxer
  • , Japanese gymnast
  • Marcelius Haga (1882-1968), Norwegian politician
  • Noriyuki Haga (born 1975), Japanese Superbike World Championship rider
  • , Japanese speed skater
  • Ryunosuke Haga (born 1991), Japanese judoka
  • , Japanese ice hockey player


  • Insector Haga, character from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (Weevil Underwood in English language adaptations)
  • Places


  • Haaga (in Swedish Haga), a district in Helsinki
  • Japan

    • Haga, Hyōgo, a former town in Hyōgo Prefecture
    • Haga, Tochigi, a town in Tochigi Prefecture
    • Haga District, Tochigi, a district in Tochigi Prefecture


    • Haga, Nes, a village in Nes municipality in Viken county
    • Haga Station, a railway station located in the village of Haga in Nes municipality
    • Haga, Vestland, a village in Samnanger municipality in Vestland county
    • Haga Church, a church in the village of Haga in Samnanger municipality


    • HÃ¥ga, locality situated in Uppsala Municipality, Uppsala County, Sweden
    • Haga, Gothenburg, a district in Gothenburg
    • Haga, UmeÃ¥, a residential area in UmeÃ¥
    • Haga Castle, Swedish castle outside Enköping by Lake Mälaren
    • Haga Church, church located in Gothenburg, Sweden
    • Haga Echo Temple, situated in Hagaparken in Stockholm
    • Haga, Enköping, locality situated in Enköping Municipality, Uppsala County, Sweden,
    • Haga Palace, located in Hagaparken, Solna Municipality in Sweden
    • Haga trädgÃ¥rd, located in the northern end of Hagaparken Solna, Sweden
    • Hagaparken (Haga Park), in Solna Municipality just north of Stockholm


    • The battle cry of Sapporo cannoneers.
    • Hebrew term for yum-yum.
    • , a number of steamships

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