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William Bell

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  William Bell may refer to:


  • William Henry Bell (1873–1946), English composer
  • William Bell (tuba player) (1902–1971), player and teacher of the tuba in America
  • William Bell (singer) (born 1939), American soul singer and songwriter

Politics and law

  • William Bell (lawyer) (c. 1538–1598), English lawyer
  • William Bell (apothecary) (died 1668), English apothecary and politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1640 to 1648
  • William Bell Jr. (1828–1902), Democratic politician in Ohio
  • William H. Bell (Wisconsin politician) (1863–?), Republican politician in Wisconsin
  • Cory Bell (William Cory Heward Bell, 1875–1961), British MP for Devizes, 1918–23
  • William R. Bell (1876–1927), assassinated colonial District Officer in the Solomon Islands
  • William Henry Dillon Bell (1884–1917), New Zealand politician
  • William Henry Bell (businessman), early 20th century businessman and politician in Hong Kong
  • William F. Bell (1938–2013), mayor of Richmond Hill, Ontario
  • Bill Bell (mayor) (born 1941), mayor of Durham, North Carolina, USA
  • William A. Bell (born 1949), mayor of Birmingham, Alabama, USA


  • Willie Bell (born 1937), Scottish football player and manager
  • Billy Bell (ice hockey) (1891–1952), Canadian ice hockey player
  • William Bell (baseball) (1897–1969), American right-handed pitcher and manager in baseball's Negro Leagues
  • William Bell Jr. (baseball) (born 1930), American left-handed pitcher in baseball's Negro Leagues
  • William Bell (American football) (born 1971), American football player
  • William Bell (footballer, born 1859) (1859–?), Welsh footballer (Wales)
  • William Bell (footballer, born 1905) (1905–1937), English footballer (Sheffield United, Grimsby Town, Hull City)
  • William M. Bell (1909–1991), American football player and coach


  • William Bell (bishop) (died 1343), Bishop of St Andrews
  • William Bell (priest) (1625–1683), archdeacon of St Albans and sermon writer
  • William Bell (field preacher) minister and prisoner on the Bass Rock
  • William Bell (theologian) (1731–1816), English theologian
  • William Bell (artist) (1735–1794), portrait painter from Newcastle
  • William Bell (clergyman) (1780–1857), Scottish-born Presbyterian minister in Upper Canada
  • William Bell (architect) (1789–1865), Scottish-born architect who practiced in North Carolina
  • William Bell (Canadian businessman, born 1806) (1806–1844), businessman and militia officer from Perth, Upper Canada
  • William Nathaniel Bell (1817–1887), Seattle pioneer
  • William Bell (photographer) (1830–1910), English-born American photographer
  • William Abraham Bell (1841–1921), physician, photographer, businessman, and founder of Manitou Springs, Colorado
  • William Robert Bell (1845–1913), Canadian militia officer, farmer, and businessman
  • William H. Bell (fl. 1860s), African-American servant of William Seward
  • William Bell, No. 24, an 1865 pilot boat used by the Sandy Hook pilots in New Jersey
  • William P. Bell (1886–1953), American golf course architect
  • William Yancy Bell (1887–1962), bishop for the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
  • William Harrison Bell (1927–2016), American surgeon
  • William J. Bell (1927–2005), American writer and producer of TV soap operas
  • William Bell (author) (1945–2016), Canadian author
  • William Dwane Bell (born 1978), New Zealand criminal
  • William Brent Bell, American film director
  • William Bell (Fringe), a fictional character from the television series Fringe

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  • Willie Bell (born 1937), Scottish footballer
  • Billy Bell (disambiguation)
  • Bill Bell (disambiguation)

Bell, William

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