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Bearii, Victoria

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Bearii ( ) is a small settlement in Victoria, Australia. The town is in the Shire of Moira local government area. Bearii is located north of the state capital, Melbourne, north of Waaia and is just south of the Barmah National Park. Bearii - Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority At the , Bearii had a population of 136, Page 25: Moira Planning Scheme Amendment C77 Panel Report 13 June 2017, ...The MSTSSP identifies Bearii as a ‘hamlet’ and describes its ‘main features’ as follows: - Population of 136 (2011 Census of Population and Housing) - 30 kilometres west of Cobram - Proximity to Ulupna Island & Murray River - Mixture of temporary and permanent dwelling types - Holiday makers/campers visiting Murray River. The MSTSSP also notes that Bearii has no reticulated water or sewerage, and that the only community facility is a hall. There have been few dwelling approvals in recent years and there is an adequate number of vacant lots (and lots capable of re-subdivision) to satisfy projected demand... by 2016 the town had 145 citizens.


Bearii was surveyed for a township about 1875 and named by Mr Stein, an early settler after a place bearing that name in Germany.GC5NKXA Bearii Dreaming (Traditional Cache) in Victoria, Australia created by mymanandi,, ...History continued...Bearii was surveyed in 1875; the first school, number 2839, was built around 1888, closing in 1970 due to low attendance; Power came to Bearii in 1968; Activities included a tennis club 1929-1950"s, a 12 member brass band in 1912 and a basketball team 1930-1940. The Methodist Church opened in 1904. Changes to the rural scene influenced a number of families to move away and in 1964 the church closed. It is now the local Girl Guide hall in Strathmerton. Its hard to believe today, that the Bearii community was so busy back then, with a loss of many residents in the 1970's and then a rebirth in the 1980's till today...
The streets are named after some of the early settlers, amongst these are Myers, Tallon, Coghill, Williams and Stein
Bearii Post Office opened on 10 November 1913 and closed in 1956.
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