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List of ships named SS Columbia

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SS Columbia may refer to:
  • , a paddle steamer built by Robert Steele & Company and eventually wrecked
  • , an iron steamship built by Archibald Denny, Dumbarton
  • , a passenger/cargo vessel built by Alexander Stephen & Sons, Glasgow
  • , the first vessel to have electricity
  • SS Columbia (1889), a German Hamburg America Line passenger ship purchased by Spain for use in the Spanish–American War as the auxiliary cruiser , then returned to commercial service and later purchased by Russia for use in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904–1905 as the auxiliary cruiser Terek
  • , a steam trawler built by Mackie & Thomson Govan
  • , a British mail ship sold to France and sunk in World War I
  • , a Canadian screw-driven tugboat
  • (1902), the American excursion steamship
  • , a Scottish passenger/cargo vessel originally named HMS Columbella and subsequently named Moreas, scrapped in Venice in 1929
  • , a passenger/cargo vessel built by Russell & Co Port Glasgow
  • , originally Katoomba, a troop transport-turned-passenger transport vessel scrapped in Nagasaki in 1959
  • , a British passenger cruise ship first named Belgic and then renamed Belgenland before becoming the American vessel SS Columbia, broken up in 1936
  • , a Canadian steam tugboat serving Lower Arrow Lake until 1948

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