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Bots Requests for approval ZwoBot

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In this page talks about ( Bots Requests for approval ZwoBot ) It was sent to us on 14/06/2021 and was presented on 14/06/2021 and the last update on this page on 14/06/2021

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Operator: Head
Automatic or Manually Assisted:
Fully automatic in most cases; manually assisted where interwiki link conflicts occur.
Programming Language(s):
Python (PyWikipediaBot; I'm one of the core developers).
Function Summary:
Interwiki links. To save time and bandwidth, I have bot accounts on 100+ Wikipedias, see interwiki links on User:Zwobot.
Edit period(s) (e.g. Continuous, daily, one time run):
Without a fixed schedule.
Edit rate requested:
Usually not more than one edit per minute. Theoretically, there might be situations where a change is done every five seconds, but that's very unlikely.
Already has a bot flag
Function Details:
See documentation in the PyWikipediaBot framework, or


Please note that it is ZwoBot with a capital B, while the bot is called Zwobot on all other Wikipedias. On the English Wikipedia, the username Zwobot was grabbed by a vandal. I have requested the deletion of that account so that I could take the username, but it was rejected. So don't get confused by the name mismatch! --Head 12:03, 3 September 2007 (UTC)
--ST47Talk·Desk 14:19, 4 September 2007 (UTC)

A few more than fifty edits there... try to adhere to the limits on bot trials next time, should you request another bot task. — madman bum and angel 14:44, 7 September 2007 (UTC)
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