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David Clark

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  David or Dave Clark may refer to:


  • Dave Clark (Canadian musician), former member of Rheostatics
  • Dave Clark (musician) (born 1939 or 1942), English drummer who formed and led the Dave Clark Five
  • Dave Clark (promoter) (1909–1995), African-American record promoter and songwriter


  • David Clark, Baron Clark of Windermere (born 1939), British politician
  • Dave Clark (Canadian politician), Progressive Conservative Canadian politician
  • David C. Clark (1926–2015), American politician from the state of Florida
  • David Clark (Utah politician) (born 1953), Republican State Representative for Utah's 74th District
  • David Worth Clark (1902–1955), Democratic U.S. Representative and Senator representing Idaho
  • David Clark (New Zealand politician) (born 1973), Labour MP for Dunedin North since 2011
  • David Clark (Georgia politician), Republican State Representative for Georgia's 98th District


  • Dave Clark (baseball) (born 1962), baseball player
  • David Clark (cricketer) (1919–2013), English cricketer
  • David Clark (footballer, born 1878), Irish footballer
  • Dave Clark (pole vaulter) (1936-2018), American Olympic athlete
  • David Clark (racing driver) (born 1978), Australian race car driver
  • David Clark (rower) (born 1959), Olympic silver medal winner
  • David Clark (rugby union) (born 1940), former Australian rugby union footballer and current coach
  • Dave Clark (sprinter), Scottish athlete at the 1990 Commonwealth Games
  • Dave Clark (television presenter), presenter on Sky Sports
  • David K. Clark (born 1953), British-born jockey


  • David Clark, a Midnight comic book superhero
  • David Clark (1816 ship), a convict ship
  • David Clark, 2008 winner of BBC's Mastermind quiz show
  • David Clark (cartoonist), American illustrator
  • David Aaron Clark (1960–2009), pornographic actor and director
  • David D. Clark (born 1944), American Internet pioneer
  • David Delano Clark (1924–1997), American physicist
  • David L. Clark (1864–1939), Pittsburgh businessman and inventor of the Clark bar
  • David Leigh Clark, American paleontologist
  • David Clark (psychiatrist) (1920–2010), British psychiatrist who pioneered therapeutic communities in mental hospitals
  • David M. Clark (born 1954), British psychologist
  • David Worth Clark (1902–1955), educator, media executive and President of Palm Beach Atlantic University

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  • David Clark Company, a manufacturer of headphones used in professional applications
  • The Dave Clark Five, a musical group
  • David Clarke (disambiguation)

Clark, David

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