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  Ishiguro (written: lit. "black stone") is a Japanese surname. Notable people with the surname include:
  • Aya Ishiguro (石黒彩) (born 1978), a.k.a. Ayappe, singer
  • Hidé Ishiguro, Philosopher
  • Hideo Ishiguro (石黒英雄), Japanese actor
  • Hiroshi Ishiguro (石黒浩), professor at Osaka University who works in robotics
  • Kazuo Ishiguro (石黒一雄), Japanese-born British author and Nobel Prize winner
  • Keishichi Ishiguro (石黒敬七), Japanese judoka
  • Keisho Ishiguro (石黒敬章), Japanese photo collector
  • Ken Ishiguro (石黒賢), Japanese actor
  • Kenji Ishiguro (石黒健治), Japanese photographer
  • Masakazu Ishiguro (石黒正数), Japanese tennis manga artist
  • Masayuki Ishiguro (石黒将之), Japanese handball player who plays in German
  • Noboru Ishiguro (石黒昇), Japanese animator and anime series director
  • Osamu Ishiguro (石黒修), Japanese tennis player
  • , Japanese sport wrestler
  • Tatsuya Ishiguro (石黒竜也), Japanese kickboxer
  • Yumiko Ishiguro (石黒由美子), Japanese synchronized swimmer
  • Ishiguro Tadanori (石黒忠悳) (1845-1941), Japanese Army physician

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  • 7354 Ishiguro, a main-belt asteroid

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