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John Middleton

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  John Middleton may refer to:


  • John Middleton (c.1373–1441), MP for Northumberland
  • John Middleton (MP for Horsham) (died 1636), English landowner and politician
  • John Middleton (1671–1745), Member for Bramber and Horsham
  • John Middleton (British Army officer) (1678–1739), Brigadier-General, Member for Aberdeen
  • John Myddelton (1685–1747), MP for Denbigh Boroughs 1733–1741 and Denbighshire 1741–1742
  • Sir John Middleton (administrator) (1870–1954), British colonial administrator


  • John Middleton (baseball) (1900–1986), American baseball player
  • John Middleton (cyclist) (1906–1991), British racing cyclist
  • John Middleton (footballer, born 1910) (1910–1971), English football player for Swansea Town, Darlington, Blackpool and Norwich City
  • John Middleton (footballer, born 1955), English football player for Bradford City and Macclesfield
  • John Middleton (footballer, born 1956) (1956–2016), English football player for Nottingham Forest and Derby County
  • John Middleton (cricketer) (1890–1966), English cricketer

Other people

  • John Middleton (giant) (1578–1623), 2.8m tall man from Hale, England
  • John Middleton (explorer), travelled to the East Indies with James Lancaster, 1601–1603
  • John Middleton, 1st Earl of Middleton (1608–1674), general in the Battle of Cropredy Bridge during the English Civil War
  • John Izard Middleton (1785–1849), American archeologist and artist
  • John Middleton (architect) (1820–1885), English architect
  • John Middleton (artist), Northern Irish artist, see The Honest Ulsterman
  • John Henry Middleton (1846–1896), archaeologist and museum director
  • John Middleton (cowboy) (1854–1885), member of the Regulators alongside Billy the Kid during the Lincoln County War
  • John Francis Marchment Middleton (1921–2009), British anthropologist
  • John Middleton (actor) (born 1953), English actor
  • John Powers Middleton (born 1984), American film and television producer
  • John S. Middleton, American businessman and philanthropist
  • John Middleton (Norfolk artist) (1827–1856), English artist

Other uses

  • John Middleton Co., a tobacco manufacturer and subsidiary of Altria

  • Middleton, John

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