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George Johnson

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  George Johnson may refer to:


Canadian politicians

  • George Balfour Johnson (1865–1940), politician in Saskatchewan, Canada
  • George M. Johnson (1853–1935), judge and politician in Newfoundland
  • George William Johnson (politician) (1892–1973), Canadian Member of Legislative Assembly from Manitoba
  • George Johnson (Manitoba politician) (1920–1995), Canadian Lieutenant-Governor of Manitoba

U.S. politicians

  • George W. Johnson (governor) (1811–1862), Confederate Governor of Kentucky
  • George Y. Johnson (1820–1872), New York politician
  • George A. Johnson (1829–1894), Attorney General of the State of California
  • George William Johnson (congressman) (1869–1944), American congressman from West Virginia
  • George E. Q. Johnson (1874–1949), U.S. federal judge
  • George R. Johnson (1929–1973), Pennsylvania politician
  • George W. Johnson (Minnesota politician) (1894–1974), Speaker of the Minnesota House of Representatives and 28th Mayor of Duluth, Minnesota
  • George F. Johnson IV (born c. 1953), American politician and sheriff
  • George Alonzo Johnson (1824–1903), 49er, Colorado River steamboat entrepreneur and California politician
  • George Dean Johnson Jr. (born 1942), member of the South Carolina House of Representatives

Other politicians

  • George Johnson (English politician) (1626–1683)
  • George Johnson (Australian politician) (1811–1902), member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly
  • George Randall Johnson (1833–1919), British cricketer who was a member of the New Zealand Legislative Council
  • George Johnson (UK politician) (1872-1958), British socialist politician


  • George Johnson (British Army officer) (1903–1980)
  • George 'Johnny' Johnson (born 1921), Royal Air Force officer
  • George Owen Johnson (1896–1980), Canadian aviator, RCAF Air Marshal and WWI ace


  • Chappie Johnson (George Johnson, 1877–1949), American baseball player and team manager, Negro Leagues career 1896–1919
  • George Johnson (American football) (born 1989), American football defensive end
  • George Johnson (athlete) (born 1938), Liberian athlete
  • George Johnson (baseball) (1890–1940), American baseball outfielder in the Negro Leagues
  • George Johnson (football manager), Leicester City manager
  • George Johnson (footballer, born 1871) (1871–1934), English football forward (Walsall, Aston Villa)
  • George Johnson (footballer, born 1907) (1907–1989), English football fullback (Wigan Borough, Darlington)
  • George E. Johnson (basketball) (born 1947), American ABA/NBA player
  • George T. Johnson (born 1948), American NBA player
  • George L. Johnson (born 1956), American NBA player
  • George S. Johnson (1879–1948), Australian rules footballer
  • George Johnson (boxer) (1938–2016), American heavyweight boxer
  • George Johnson (sport shooter) (1915–2006), Puerto Rican Olympic shooter
  • George Johnson (cricketer, born 1894) (1894–1965), English cricketer
  • George Johnson (cricketer, born 1907) (1907–1986), English cricketer


  • George Johnson (writer) (born 1952), American science writer, including for The New York Times
  • George B. Johnson (born 1942), American science writer
  • George Clayton Johnson (1929–2015), American science fiction writer
  • George Metcalf Johnson (1885–1965), American mystery and western writer, also wrote as George Metcalf
  • George William Johnson (writer) (1802–1886), British writer


  • George Johnson (artist) (born 1926), Australian artist
  • George Johnson (priest) (1808–1881), British clergyman and academic
  • George E. Johnson Sr. (born 1927), American entrepreneur
  • George F. Johnson (1857–1948), American businessman
  • George Henry Martin Johnson (1816–1884), Iroquois chief
  • George Marion Johnson (1900–1987), American law professor and academic administrator
  • George Raymond Johnson (1840–1898), English architect in Australia
  • George W. Johnson (singer) (1846–1914), American singer, early recording artist
  • George Johnson aka Lightnin' Licks (born 1953), American musician, member of The Brothers Johnson
  • George Johnson (actor) (1898–1961), played Sam in Rawhide
  • George Johnson (physician) (1818–1896), English physician
  • George Johnson (musician) (born 1913), jazz saxophonist and clarinetist
  • George W. Johnson (academic) (1928–2017), American academic and academic administrator
  • George Lindsay Johnson (1853–1943), British ophthalmologist


  • , a United States Navy destroyer escort in commission from 1944 to 1946 and from 1950 to 1957
  • , the proposed name and designation of a commercial freight lighter the United States Navy considered for service during World War I but never acquired


  • George P. Johnson, an American multinational corporation
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