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Abdulcelil Levni

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Abdulcelil Levni or Abdulcelil Çelebi (died 1732) was an Ottoman court painter and miniaturist.


He was born in Edirne, some time in the late 17th century. He became the most prominent painter in the Ottoman Empire, and was appointed court painter under Sultans Mustafa II and Ahmed III. He was a noted figure of the Tulip period. He died in Istanbul.
As court painter he executed his marvelously composed masterpieces: the Surname-i Sultan Ahmed Han and the Surname-i Vehbi ("Book of Festival"). The latter book, still in the library of the Topkapı Palace, depicts the festivals commemorating the circumcision in 1720 of four sons of Ahmed III, However Levni's main concern seems to have been to paint single-leaved miniatures depicting individuals: beautiful girls, languidly reclining ladies, and charming young men. The faces of his figures show little expression.


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