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Kot is the surname of a Polish szlachta (nobility) family.
The surmame derives from the nickname with the literal meaning "cat"Kazimierz Rymut, Nazwiska Polaków. Słownik historyczno-etymologiczny, Wydawnictwo Naukowe DWN, Kraków 2001.
The first mention of the name was in the 13th century. describes the surname in his Herbarz polski as belonging to Piława coat of arms. The Kot family uses the Doliwa, Pilawa, Rola, or Kot Morski coat of arms.Tadeusz Gajl, Herbarz Polski od średniowiecza do XX wieku, Gdańsk 2007, p. 457.

Notable persons with Kot surname

  • Andrzej Kot (1946–2015), Polish designer
  • Eric Kot (born 1966), Hong Kong singer and actor
  • Igor Kot (born 1980), Russian footballer
  • Jakub Kot (born 1990), Polish ski jumper
  • Karol Kot (1946–1968), Polish serial killer
  • Maciej Kot (born 1991), Polish ski jumper
  • Myroslava Kot (1933–2014), Ukrainian embroidere
  • Natalia Kot (born 1938), Polish artistic gymnast
  • StanisÅ‚aw Kot (1885–1975), Polish scientist and politician, member of the Polish Government in Exile
  • Tomasz Kot (born 1977), Polish actor
  • Wincenty Kot (c. 1395 â€“ 1448) Archbishop of Gniezno and Primate of Poland, vice-cancellarius regni Poloniae.

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