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De Ridder

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  De Ridder is a Dutch surname, meaning "the knight". It may refer to:


  • Alexandra Simons de Ridder (born 1963), German equestrian
  • Alfons de Ridder (1882–1960), Flemish writer and poet
  • Allard de Ridder (1887–1966), Dutch and Canadian conductor, violist, and composer
  • André de Ridder (born 1971), German music conductor
  • Chantal de Ridder (born 1989), Dutch footballer
  • Daniël de Ridder (born 1984), Dutch footballer
  • Dirk de Ridder (born 1972), Dutch competitive sailor
  • Gaspard Deridder (1918–1977), Belgian boxer
  • Hilde De Ridder-Symoens (born 1943), Dutch historian
  • Johan de Ridder (born 1927), South African architect
  • Louis De Ridder (1902–1981), Belgian winter sports athlete
  • Luis de Ridder (1928–2004), Argentine alpine skier
  • Marcello de Ridder (born 1921), Argentine bobsledder
  • Minneke De Ridder (born 1980), Belgian politician
  • (born 1948), Belgian historian and politician
  • Peter de Ridder (born 1946), Dutch businessman and sailor
  • Philippe De Ridder (born 1964), Belgian football player, coach, and administrator
  • Steve De Ridder (born 1987), Belgian footballer
  • Willem de Ridder (born 1939), Dutch artist and anarchist
  • Rynhardt De Ridder (born 1983),South African Engineer


  • DeRidder, Louisiana, a place named for Ella de Ridder, the sister-in-law of a Dutch railroad financier

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