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Peter Jones

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  Peter Jones or Pete Jones may refer to:


  • Peter Jones (Australian rules footballer) (born 1946), Australian rules footballer for Carlton
  • Peter Jones (cricketer, born 1935) (1935–2007), English cricketer, played for Kent and Suffolk
  • Peter Jones (cricketer, born 1948) (1948–2017), first-class cricketer for Oxford University
  • Peter Jones (footballer, born 1937), English footballer
  • Peter Jones (footballer, born 1949), English footballer for Burnley and Swansea City
  • Peter Jones (referee) (born 1954), English football referee
  • Peter Jones (rugby league) (born 1972), Australian former professional rugby league footballer
  • Peter Jones (Australian rugby union) (born 1942), Australian rugby union player
  • Peter Jones (New Zealand rugby union) (1932–1994), New Zealand international rugby union player
  • Peter Jones (broadcaster) (1930–1990), BBC radio sports commentator
  • Peter Jones (sport shooter) (1879–?), British Olympic shooter


  • Peter Jones (Australian politician) (1933–2017), Australian politician in Western Australia
  • Peter Cushman Jones (1837–1922), Hawaiian politician
  • Peter K. Jones (1838–?), American politician in Virginia
  • Peter Lawson Jones, American politician in Ohio


  • Peter Jones (drummer) (1963–2012), member of Crowded House
  • Pete Jones (born 1957), former bass player for Public Image Limited, 1982–1983, and former member of the band Cowboys International

Department store

  • Peter Rees Jones (1843–1905), founder of Peter Jones department store
  • Peter Jones (department store), located in London


  • Pete Jones, writer and director of Stolen Summer and Outing Riley
  • Peter Jones (actor) (1920–2000), English actor
  • Peter Jones (British Army officer) (1919–2015)
  • Peter Jones (classicist) (born 1942), British classicist, writer, journalist and broadcaster
  • Peter Jones (entrepreneur) (born 1966), founder of Phones International; star of BBC TV series Dragons' Den and judge on ABC's American Inventor
  • Peter Jones (historian), professor of French history
  • Peter Jones (journalist) (1930–2015), British journalist and author
  • Peter Jones (mathematician) (born 1952), known for his work in harmonic analysis and fractal geometry
  • Peter Jones (missionary) (1802–1856), Mississauga Ojibwa Methodist minister, chief and missionary
  • Peter Blundell Jones (1949–2016), British architect
  • Peter Edmund Jones (1843–1909), Indian agent and chief of New Credit, Ontario
  • Peter Emerson Jones (born 1935), British property developer
  • Peter Jones (paediatrician) (born 1937), British paediatrician
  • Peter Jones (admiral) (born 1957), Royal Australian Navy officer
  • Peter Andrew Jones (born 1951), British artist and illustrator
  • Peter Owen-Jones (born 1957), English Anglican clergyman, author and television presenter
  • Peter Jones (surgeon) (1917–1984), British surgeon

Jones, Peter

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