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Folkémon is the tenth studio album by the British folk metal band Skyclad. It is the last album the band recorded with Martin Walkyier as vocalist. As is normal with the band's works under Walkyier, the album's lyrical themes deal with politics, environmentalism, spirituality and personal issues.
The album's title was thought up after one of the band members read in a newspaper that, according to a survey, more children recognised the Pokémon character Pikachu than the current Prime Minister. The theme is continued in the liner notes, with the band members listed, for example, as 'Folkémon trainers'.
The front cover art and the three illustrations in the lyric-booklet are by Duncan Storr, longtime Skyclad collaborator.

Track listing



  • Martin Walkyier – lead vocals
  • Steve Ramsey – lead guitar, slide guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  • Kevin Ridley – rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals, #2 solo on middle-section of 'The Disenchanted Forest'
  • Georgina Biddle – keyboards, fiddle, backing vocals
  • Graeme English – classical guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Jay Graham – drums, percussion, keyboards, Jew's harp, hunting horn, backing vocals

Additional Musicians

  • Tirza Abb – "Horny Huntress" on "Polkageist!"
  • Averre Graham – penny whistle & Cor anglais

External links

  • Folkémon by Skyclad @ Encyclopaedia Metallum

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