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  Ayrton ( ) is a given name and surname. Notable people with the name include:

Given name

  • Ayrton Andrioli (born 1965), Brazilian football coach
  • Ayrton Badovini (born 1986), Italian motorcycle racer
  • Ayrton Cable (born 2003), Slovak social activist
  • Ayrton De Pauw (born 1998), Belgian racing cyclist
  • Ayrton Fagundes (1937–1994), Brazilian broadcast journalist
  • Ayrton Pinheiro Victor (born 1994), Brazilian footballer
  • Ayrton Senna (1960–1994), Brazilian racing driver and three-time Formula One world champion
  • Ayrton Ganino (born 1985), Brazilian footballer


  • Acton Smee Ayrton (1816–1886), British Liberal politician, uncle of William Edward Ayrton
  • Barbara Ayrton-Gould (c. 1886 – 1950), a Labour politician in the United Kingdom
  • Edith Ayrton (1879–1945), British writer and activist
  • Edmund Ayrton (1734–1808), English organist
  • Edward R. Ayrton (1882–1914), British Egyptologist
  • Hertha Marks Ayrton (1854–1923), British mathematician and physicist, second wife of William Edward Ayrton
  • Neil Ayrton (born 1962), former English professional footballer
  • Norman Ayrton (1924–2017), English actor, director, and theatre instructor
  • Matilda Chaplin Ayrton (1846–1883), doctor of medicine, first wife of William Edward Ayrton
  • Maxwell Ayrton (1874–1960), Scottish architect
  • Michael Ayrton (1921–1975), British artist
  • Randle Ayrton (1869–1940), British actor, producer and director
  • William Edward Ayrton (1847–1908), British physicist who taught in Japan

In fiction

  • Tom Ayrton, character in Jules Verne's novels In Search of the Castaways and The Mysterious Island
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    • Ayrton Drugs, a Ghanaian pharmaceuticals company
    • Airton (given name)

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