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Orders, decorations, and medals of Trinidad and Tobago

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  The National Awards of Trinidad and Tobago consist of:
  • The Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago - the country's highest award.
  • The Trinity Cross - the country's highest award until 2006.
  • The Chaconia Medal of the Order of the Trinity - in Gold, Silver or Bronze
  • The Hummingbird Medal of the Order of the Trinity - in Gold, Silver and Bronze
  • The Public Service Medal of Merit of the Order of the Trinity - in Gold, Silver and Bronze
  • The Medal for the Development of Women of the Order of the Trinity - in Gold, Silver and Bronze
Holders of the various awards are allowed to use the postnominal letters O.R.T.T. (Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago), T.C. (Trinity Cross), C.M. (Chaconia Medal), H.B.M. (Hummingbird Medal) or M.O.M. (Medal of Merit).
These awards were introduced following independence in 1962 to replace the Imperial royal honours available to citizens of the British Empire. They were approved in 1967 and first awarded in 1969.Press releases from the Office of the Prime Minister, Trinidad and Tobago, Public Relations Division. Press release No. 374 dated 4 July 1969.
The cabinet accepted the decision made by the national awards designs Selection Committee, which selected the designs submitted by the following persons:
1. Ms Wilhelmina McDowell, who designed the Trinity Cross
2. Mrs A. Jardine, who designed the Chaconia Medal
3. The designers of Messrs Y. DeLima and Co. Limited, who conceptualised the Hummingbird Medal.
4. Mr Ebenezer Edwards designed the Public Service Medal of Merit
Some of the winners who won medals in past years are:National Awards Database, The Office of the President, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

2016 awards

Chaconia Medal
  • Prof. Dave Chadee posthumous - Entomologist and Parasitologist, for science (Gold)
  • Prof. Andrew Jupiter - Former Permanent Secretary/Chairman of the Board of the Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago and Director of the National Gas Company, for public service (Gold)
  • Ramesh Lutchmedial - Former Director General of Civil Aviation, for public service (Gold)
  • Grace Angela Talma - Management Consultant, for community service (Gold)
  • William McKenzie - Former Minority Leader of the Tobago House of Assembly, for public service (Gold)
  • Winston Riley - Civil Engineer, for engineering (Gold)
  • Winston Rudder - Retired Permanent Secretary, for public service (Gold)
  • Justin Paul - Retired Permanent Secretary, for public service and education (Gold)
  • Leston Paul - Musician/arranger/composer, for culture (Silver)
Hummingbird Medal
  • Irwin "Scrunter" Johnson - Calypso (Gold)
  • Timothy Watkins ("Baron") - Calypso (Gold)
  • Angelo Bissessarsingh - History and education (Gold)
  • Cornelius Lewis - activist, for community service (Gold)
  • Brenda Le Maitre - Matron/Registered Nurse, for community service (Gold)
  • St. Margaret's Boys’ Anglican School Youth Steel Orchestra, for culture (Gold)
  • Dr. Waffie Mohammed – Educator, for community service (Gold)
  • Jerry Baptiste - Police Sergeant, for community service (Silver)
  • Bibi Hallim - Retired Facilitator, for community service (Silver)
  • Austin Wilson posthumous - Retired sound engineer, for culture) (Silver)
  • Deborah De Rosia - Educator/ Community activist, for community service and education (Silver)
  • Anstey Lumen Payne (Silver)
  • Kenneth Paulsingh - Community activist, for community service (Silver)
  • Keith Campbell posthumous - Fireman, for gallantry (Bronze)
Public Service Medal of Merit
  • Angella Jack (Gold)
  • Jacqueline Wilson (Gold)
  • Dr. Rohit Doon - Medical Doctor (Gold)
  • Mr. William Wilberforce Daniel - Chartered certified accountant (Gold)
  • Dr. Vincent Gerald Moe - Retired Permanent Secretary (Gold)
  • Ms. Margaret Wright – Retired Registered Nurse (Gold)
  • Iverne Ebenezer Yearwood posthumous - Former medical public service social worker (Silver)
Medal For The Development Of Women (Gold)
  • Monica Rosalind Williams - Retired Director, Gender Affairs
  • Angela Martin - journalist posthumous

2015 awards

Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Errol McLeod
  • Winston Dookeran
Chaconia Medal
  • Daphne Bartlett - businesswoman (Gold)
  • Selby Wilson - Telecommunications Authority chairman and former Finance Minister (Gold)
  • Reynold Cooper - retired Head of the Public Service (Gold)
  • Victor Mouttet - businessman (Gold)
Hummingbird Medal
  • Dil-e-Nadan (Gold)
  • Harrypersad Maharaj - President of the Inter- religious Organisation (IRO), for community service (Gold)
  • Nobel Khan - former President of the IRO, for community service (Gold)
  • Fred “Composer” Mitchell - calypso (Silver)
  • Kelwyn Hutcheon - calypso (Silver)
  • Andrew “Lord Superior” Marcano - calypso (Silver)
  • Anthony “All Rounder” Hendrickson - calypso (Silver)
  • Sharlene Flores - parang singer (Silver)
  • Sherman Maynard posthumous - Policeman, for loyal service (Bronze)
  • Kal-el Alleyne - 4 year old, for bravery
  • Fernando Smith - soldier, for bravery
  • Edric Hargreaves - Coast Guard, for bravery

2014 awards

Chaconia Medal
  • Michael Ronald Als – Trade unionist/community activist (Silver) posthumous
  • Rudolph Charles (Silver) posthumous
  • Velma Jardine - Educator (Bronze)
Hummingbird Medal
  • John Gillespie – architect (Silver)
  • 2013 awards

    Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
    • Justice Ivor Archie
    • Makandal Daaga
    Chaconia Medal
  • Jehue Gordon (Gold)
  • Hummingbird Medal
    • Ramesh Maharaj (Gold)
    • John Jaglal (Silver)

    2012 awards

    Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Keshorn Walcott
  • Chaconia Medal
    • Therese Mills (Gold)
    • Selwyn Ryan (Gold)
    • Swami Prakashananda (Gold)"Top honour for Chambers", Trinidad and Tobago Guardian,31 August 2012.
    Hummingbird Medal
    • Ade Alleyne-Forte (Gold)
    • Keston Bledman (Gold)
    • Marc Burns (Gold)
    • Emmanuel Callender (Gold)
    • Lalonde Gordon (Gold)
    • Deon Lendore (Gold)
    • Jarrin Solomon (Gold)
    • Richard Thompson (Gold)
    • Peter Elias
    • Liam Teague (Silver)

    2011 awards

    Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Ulric Cross
  • Chaconia Medal
    • Desmond Allum (Silver) posthumous
    • Susan Craig-Jones (Silver)
    Hummingbird Medal
  • Denyse Plummer (Gold)
  • 2010 awards

    Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Karl Hudson-Phillips, QC
  • Chaconia Medal
    • Brian Mac Farlane (Gold)
    • Julian Kenny (Gold)
    • Margaret Elcock – broadcaster (Silver)
    Hummingbird Medal
  • Harripersad Dass - Chairman (Silver)
  • 2009 awards

    Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
  • Jizelle Salandy
  • Chaconia Medal
    • Dr. Geraldine Roxanne Connor – ethnomusicologist (Gold)
    • Dr. Cuthbert Joseph (Gold)
    • Len "Boogsie" Sharpe (Gold)
    Hummingbird Medal
  • Alvin Corneal (Silver)
  • 2008 awards

    Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
    • Brian Copeland - Professor
    • Bertram “Bertie” Lloyd Marshall, steelpan innovator
    • Anthony Williams, steelpan innovator
    Chaconia Medal
    • Aaron Armstrong (Gold)
    • Keston Bledman (Gold)
    • Marc Burns (Gold)
    • Emmanuel Callender (Gold)
    • Bernard Dulal-Whiteway (Gold)
    • Richard Thompson (Gold)
    • Meiling Esau (Silver)

    2007 awards

    Chaconia Medal
    • Kenneth Gordon (Gold)
    • Jizelle Salandy (Gold)
    Hummingbird Medal
    • Gerard Besson (Gold)
    • Knolly Clarke (Gold)
    • Daren Ganga (Gold)

    2006 awards

    Trinity Cross
  • none awarded
  • Chaconia Medal
    • The 2006 World Cup squad and management (Gold)
      • Ivee Pendo
      • Sherie Leen Surla
      • Roda Andrade
      • Haide Esparrago
      • Marvin Andrews
      • Chris Birchall
      • Atiba Charles
      • Ian Cox
      • Carlos Edwards
      • Cornell Glen
      • Cyd Gray
      • Shaka Hislop
      • Clayton Ince
      • Kelvin Jack
      • Avery John
      • Stern John
      • Kenwyne Jones
      • Russell Latapy
      • Dennis Lawrence
      • Collin Samuel
      • Brent Sancho
      • Jason Scotland
      • Densill Theobald
      • Aurtis Whitley
      • Evans Wise
      • Anthony Wolfe
      • Dwight Yorke
      • Leo Beenhakker (coach)
    • Professor David Picou MD (Gold)
    • Professor Hubert Daisley (Gold)
    • Glenn Erwin Tucker (Gold)
    • William Laurence Chen (Silver)
    Hummingbird Medal
    • Anetta Archer (Gold)
    • Feroza Rose Mohammed (Gold)
    • Indi-Art Orchestra Musical Orchestra (Gold)
    • Soroptimist International of Port-of-Spain (Gold)
    • The Toco Foundation Organisation (Gold)
    • Elizabeth Helena Percy (Silver), (posthumous)
    • Cousilla Persad (Silver)
    • Carlton Phillip (Silver)
    • Ralph St Clair Davies (Silver)
    • Kelvin Guy Choy Aming (Silver)
    • Gary Straker's Pan School Organisation (Silver)
    • Edwin Joseph Skinner (Silver)
    • Dudnath Ramkeesoon (Silver)
    • Renny Quow, sprinter (Silver)
    • Rhonda Watkins (Silver)
    Public Service Medal of Merit
    • Deosaran Jagroo (Gold)
    • Andrew Llewellyn Tyson (Gold) (posthumous)
    • Carol Clark (Gold)
    • Victoria Mendez-Charles (Gold)
    • Paula Hazel-Dawn Daniel (Gold)
    • Jagdeo Maharaj (Gold)
    • Valerie Minnie Foster (Silver) (posthumous)
    • Irma Sanowar (Silver)

    2005 awards

    Trinity Cross
  • Edwin Carrington, Caricom Secretary General
  • Chaconia Medal
    • Keith Chiang Awong (Gold)
    • Prof Andrew Madan Ramroop (Gold)
    • Justice Lionel Jones (Gold)
    • Dr Aleem Mohammed (Gold)
    • Carol Keller (Gold)
    • Bertille St Clair, football manager (Silver)
    • Francis Mungroo (Silver)
    • Rudranath Indarsingh (Silver)
    • Edward Henry Sealey (Silver)
    Hummingbird Medal
    • Noble Douglas (Gold)
    • Elise Joseph (Gold)
    • Edward Beharry (Gold)
    • John Frankie Asche (Gold)
    • Sedley Joseph (Gold)
    • Trinidad Steel Percussion Orchestra (Gold)
    • Heeralal Rampartap (Silver)
    • Wayne Naranjit (posthumous) (Silver)
    • Molly Boxhill (Silver)
    • Bill Trotman (Silver)
    • Kirk Fakira (Silver)
    • Michael Marcellin (Silver)
    • Alix Archer De Silva (Silver)
    • Peter Samuel (Silver)
    • Ria Ramnarine (Silver)
    Public Service Medal of Merit
    • Yolande Gooding (Gold)
    • Sr Petronella Joseph (Gold)
    • Hyacinth McDowall (Gold)
    • Ahmed Ali (Gold)
    • Annette Alfred (Gold)
    • John Antoine (Gold)
    • J. David Ramkeesoon (Gold)
    • Nature Seekers (Gold)
    • MOMS for Literacy (Caribbean) (Gold)
    • Mother's Union Children's Home (Gold)
    • Louise Angelina Mc Intosh (Gold)
    • Myra Catherine Greaves (Silver)
    • Daisy Maria James McClean (Silver)
    • Gloria Elizabeth Nurse (Silver)

    2004 awards

    Trinity Cross
  • none awarded
  • Chaconia Medal
    • Stephen Ames (Gold)
    • Arthur Lok Jack (Gold)
    • Zadia Rajnauth (Gold)
    • Sarah Whiteman (Gold)
    • Malcolm Jones (Gold)
    • Joan Massiah (Gold)
    • George Bovell, Olympic swimmer (Gold)
    • Fenrick De Four (posthumous) (Silver)
    • Malick Folk Performing Company, Dance Company (Silver)
    • Clico Shiv Shakti Dance Company, Dance Company (Silver)
    Hummingbird Medal
    • Cynthia Bell (Gold)
    • Alyson Brown (Gold)
    • Roy Cape (Gold)
    • Barnabas Ramon-Fortune (Gold)
    • Felix Roach (Gold)
    • The WR Torres Foundation for the Blind (Gold)
    • Edward Williams (posthumous) (Gold)
    • Jacqueline Koon How (Gold)
    • Veera Bhajan (Silver)
    • Vishwanath Arjoon (Silver)
    • Raj Karan Jadoo (Silver)
    • Emmanuel Juman (Silver)
    • The Lara Brothers Parang Group (Silver)
    • Albert "Al" Ramsawack (Silver)
    • Chandardath Sookram (Silver)
    • Rhonda Charles (Silver)
    Medal of Merit
    • Joseph Allard (Gold)
    • Cislyn Baptiste (Gold)
    • Pamella Benson (Gold)
    • Carl de Souza (posthumous) (Gold)
    • Kenneth Phillip (Gold)
    • Frank Porter (Gold)

    2003 Awards

    Trinity Cross
  • Ken Julien
  • Chaconia Medal
    • André Tanker (Gold) (posthumously)
    • Exodus Steel Orchestra (Gold)
    • Robert Riley (Gold)
    Hummingbird Medal
    • George Bovell (Gold)
    • Winston Bailey ("Shadow") (Silver)
    • Jean Talma (Silver)
    • Wayne Crooks (Silver)
    Medal of Merit
  • Shireen Dewan-Mc Ken (Silver)
  • 2002 awards

    Trinity Cross
  • The Right Honourable Dr Eric Eustace Williams (posthumous)
  • Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Prof. Hylton McFarlance
    • Professor Thomas Ainsworth Harewood
    • Trevor Michael Boopsingh
    • Arthur Reginald Roberts (posthumous)

    2001 awards

    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Vindar Rabindrath Dean-Maharaj
    • Dr Iqbal Mohammed
    • Dr Rajandaye Ramkissoon-Chen
    • Mr Colin Laird

    2000 awards

    Trinity Cross
  • Archbishop Anthony Pantin posthumous
  • Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Annette Des Isles
    • Dr Neville Jankey
    • Courtney Andrew Walsh
    • Patrick Brennan Burke
    • Professor Harrinath D. Maharaj
    • Dr Norbert Masson

    1999 awards

    Trinity Cross
    • Dr Henry Wesley Moulton Collymore MBBS, FRCS
    • Chief Eleazar Chukwuemeka Anyaoku, Con Adazie of Obosi, Ogwumba of Idemili (Honorary)
    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Justice Zainool Hosein
    • Trevor A. Lee, SC
    • Dwight Yorke, footballer
    • Lawrence Duprey
    • Dr Tim Dhanraj Gopeesingh

    1998 awards

    Trinity Cross
  • Bowles, Sylvan posthumous
  • Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Sharma, Justice Satnarine (Mr)
    • Ibrahim, Justice Mustapha (Mr)
    • Fitzwilliam, Wendy (Miss)
    • Sabga, Anthony Norman (Mr)

    1997 awards

    Trinity Cross
  • Robinson, Arthur N. R. (His Excellency)
  • Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Boldon, Ato Jabari (Mr), athlete
    • Davis, James Anthony (Hon. Mr Justice)
    • Gopeesingh, Lloyd Balraj (Hon. Mr Justice) posthumous
    • Hubah, Clarence Evans (Dr), MBE
    • Lalla, Kenneth Ramsanta (Mr), SC
    • Thomas, Christopher Roy (Mr), Ambassador
    • Tim Pow, Ainsley Vincent Maurice (Mr)

    1996 awards

    Trinity Cross
    • De la Bastide, Michael Anthony (Mr)
    • Minshall, Peter (Mr), Carnival artist
    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Andrews, John Peter (Mr)
    • Gomez, Gerald Ethridge (Mr) posthumous
    • Petrotrin Invaders Steel Orchestra
    • Pierre, Lennox Oscar (Mr) posthumous
    • Queen's Park Cricket Club
    • Ramchand, Kenneth (Professor)

    1995 awards

    Trinity Cross
    • Bishop, Patricia Alison (Miss), HBM
    • Pantin, Gerard Arthur (Fr), C.S.Sp.
    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Alcantara, Joyce Angela (Miss)
    • Furness-Smith, John Gerald (Mr), SC
    • Ramadhin, Sonny (Mr), cricketer
    • Selvon, Samuel Dickson (Mr), writer posthumous
    Public Service Medal of Merit (Silver)
  • Browne, Elaine Lenora
  • 1994 awards

    Trinity Cross
  • Lara, Brian (Mr), international cricketer
  • Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Bobb, Euric (Dr) - Ph.D.
    • De Leon "Roaring Lion", Rafael (Mr)
    • Pitt-Miller, Phyllis Leonora (Dr)

    1993 awards

    Trinity Cross
    • Hassanali, Noor M. (His Excellency)
    • Walcott, Derek (Mr) (Honorary), writer
    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Barrow, Russell William (Dr)
    • Barsotti, Frank Andral (Mr) - M.A. Cantab
    • Francisco "Mighty Sparrow", Slinger (Mr), calypsonian
    • James, Alphonso Philbert Theophilus (Mr) posthumous
    • Jorsling, Mc Donald Phillip (Mr)
    • Roopnarinesingh, Syam Sundar (Professor)
    • Sawh, Lall Ramnath (Dr)

    1992 awards

    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Addo, Edward Adotey (Dr)
    • AMOCO Renegades Steel Orchestra
    • Griffith, Elton George (The Most Reverend His Grace Dr)
    • Henry, Mervyn Ulrick (Dr)
    • John, Selwyn Alfred (Mr)
    • Marshall, Bertie Lloyd (Mr)
    • Murray, Lance Esme Hamilton (Mr)
    • Vyas, Ramdath (Pundit)
    • WITCO Desperadoes Steel Orchestra
    • Wong Sang, Joyce Angela (Mrs)

    1991 awards

    Trinity Cross
    • The Regiment of the Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force
    • The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service
    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Freeman, William E. (Mr) posthumous, B.Sc. (Lond), A.R.C.S.
    • Glean, Vernon (Mr)
    • Knox, Wilfred Sidney (Mr)
    • Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago
    • Naraynsingh, Vijay (Dr)
    • Neehall, John Edward (Dr)
    • Norton, Noel Patrick (Mr)
    • Richards, Rolf (Professor)
    • The Trinidad and Tobago Fire Service
    • The Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service
    Chaconia Medal (silver)
  • Anand Yankarran (Mr) Entertainer
  • 1990 awards

    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Aziz, Mohammed Ali (Dr)
    • Busby, George O. D. (Dr)
    • Campbell, Alton A. (Mr)
    • Des Iles, Gerard Emmanuel (Hon. Mr Justice)
    • Deyalsingh, Lennox (Hon. Mr Justice)
    • Lai-Fook, Arthur E. (Rev. Fr)
    • Mahase, Anna (Dr)
    • Ratan, Premchand N. (Dr)
    • Sinanan, Ashford (Mr)

    1989 awards

    Trinity Cross
    • McBurnie, Beryl Eugenia (Dr), H.B.M.
    • Naipaul, Vidia S. (Mr) - H.B.M.
    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Boswell-Inniss, Kathleen Sheila (Mrs)
    • Capildeo, Simbhoonath (Mr)
    • Ghouralal, Samuel (Dr)
    • Ince, Winston Edghill (Dr)
    • National football Team (Strike Squad)
    Hummingbird Medal (Silver)
  • Marshall, Stanley Laurie (Mr) - Drama (Silver)
  • 1988 awards

    Trinity Cross
    • Demas, William Gilbert (Mr)
    • Duprey, Cyril (Mr)
    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Abidh, Stella (Dr)
    • Hosein, Inayat (Mr)
    • Lequay, Alloy (Mr)
    • Lovelace, Earl (Mr)
    • Narine, Ralph (Justice)
    • Omah-Maharajh, Deonarayan (Dr), President General of the Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha
    • Sammy, George (Professor) posthumous
    • Warner, Alcalde (Justice)

    1987 awards

    Public Service Gold Medal of Merit
  • Charles, Randolph T, Former Commissioner of Prisons Public Service
  • Trinity Cross
    • Bernard, Clinton (The Hon. Mr Justice)
    • James, C. L. R. (Mr), historian
    • Pan Trinbago
    • Weekes, George (Mr)
    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Butler, Knolly (Professor)
    • Byam, Neville (Dr)
    • Carrington, Edwin (Sir), former Secretary-General of CARICOM
    • Laronde, Giselle (Miss), beauty pageant titleholder
    • Rambachand, Anand (Professor)
    • Stewart, Leslie "Tiger" (Mr), boxer

    1986 awards

    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Alleyne, Doddridge Henry Newton (Mr)
    • Lewis, James O'Neil (Mr) (Awarded in 1974)
    • Rampersad, Frank Budhoo (Mr)

    1985 awards

    Trinity Cross
  • Kelsick, Cecil (The Hon. Mr Justice)
  • Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Braithwaite, John (Mr)
    • Seukeran, Lionel Frank (Mr)

    1984 awards

    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
  • Wooding, Hugh Arthur Selby (Mr)
  • 1983 awards

    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Cross, Ulric, (Mr)
    • Rees, Evan (Mr)
    • Sosa, Thomas Gregorio (Mr)

    1982 awards

    Trinity Cross
  • Hosein, Tajmool (Mr)
  • Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Annisette, Emmanuel B. (Mr)
    • Besson, Herman Alexander (Mr) posthumous
    • Bramble, Cecil (Mr) posthumous
    • Crichlow, Verna Mercedes (Mrs) posthumous
    • Lewis, Anthony Clyde (Mr)
    • Noel, Claude Benjamin (Mr)
    • Pollonais, Rene Joseph (Mr)
    • Richardson, Reginald Kenneth (Dr)

    1981 awards

    Trinity Cross
  • Teshea, Isabella (Mrs) posthumous
  • Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Corbin, Maurice (Mr)
    • Date-Camps, Ada (Dr)
    • Harnarayan, Percival (Mr)
    • Kirton, Gertrude (Mrs)
    • Padmore, Marjorie (Miss) posthumous
    • Scott, Garvin (Mr)

    1980 awards

    Trinity Cross
    • Bruce, Victor (Mr) - H.B.M.
    • Burroughs, Randolph (Mr), M.O.M.
    • Gregoire, Errol (Mr)
    • Williams, Mervyn (Commander), M.O.M.
    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Bonnett, Lionel (Mr), Chairman, Tobago County Council
    • Chadee, Dalton (Mr), Former Alderman and Deputy Mayor of San Fernando Borough Council
    • Mahabir, Bisram (Dr)
    • Quamina, Elizabeth (Dr)
    • Roopnarine, Errol (Mr) posthumous
    • Scott, Winfield (Mr)
    • Spence, John A. Professor
    • Wilson, Oswald (Mr)

    1979 awards

    Trinity Cross
    • Montano, Gerard (Mr)
    • Phillips, Clement Ewart Gladstone (Mr)
    • Pierre, Eugenia Theodosia (Mrs), C.M.T., H.B.M.
    • Sinanan, Mitra G. (Mr)
    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Blackman, Ingrid (Mrs)
    • Burke-Browne, Angela (Mrs)
    • Castagne, Patrick Stanislaus (Mr), composer
    • Castanada, Peggy (Miss)
    • Charleau, Heather (Miss)
    • Charles, Cyrenia (Mrs)
    • Dimsoy, Marcia (Miss)
    • Gatcliffe, Thomas (Mr)
    • Lutchman, Solomon (Mr) posthumous
    • Nurse, Jennifer (Miss)
    • Peters, Sherril (Mrs)
    • Phelps, Harry Orville (Professor)
    • Pierre, Eugenia Theodosia (Mrs)
    • Prescod, Veryl (Miss)
    • Sellier, Robert (Mr)
    • Stollmeyer, Jeffrey (Mr), cricketer and footballer
    • Thomas-Luces, Althea (Mrs)
    • Williams, Jennifer (Miss)

    1978 awards

    Trinity Cross
    • Serrette, Joffre Charles Harold (Brigadier)
    • Solomon, Patrick Vincent Joseph (Dr)
    • Wharton, Joseph Algernon (Mr), QC
    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Dolly, Reynold Cartright (Dr)
    • Galt, Kenneth Victor (Mr) posthumous
    • Garcia, Ignacio Adrian (Mr)
    • Murray, Eric Hugh (Mr)
    • Patrick, Alan Leslie (Dr)
    • Rostant, Louis Gerald (Mr)
    • Seemungal, Lionel Augustine (Mr), S.C., M.A., LL.B. (Cantab.)

    1977 awards

    Trinity Cross
    • Ali, Wahid (Dr)
    • Amoroso, Emmanuel Ciprian (Professor)
    • Commissiong, Janelle Penny (Miss), former beauty pageant titleholder
    • Reece, Sir Alan
    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Bailey, Emmanuel McDonald (Mr), athlete
    • Duprey, Cyril, OBE, businessman, founder of CLICO
    • Ghany, Noor Mohammed (Mr)
    • Holder, Joseph Hamiltion (Mr)
    • Inglefield, Geoffrey Robert (Mr)
    • Murray, Arthur (Mr)
    • Richards, George Maxwell (Mr)

    1976 awards

    Trinity Cross
    • Crawford, Hasely Joachim
    • Maingot, Rodney
    • Pitt, David Thomas (Lord)
    • Thomasos, Clytus Arnold
    Chaconia Medal
    • Barcant, Malcolm (Gold)
    • Beaubrun, Michael Herbert (Gold)
    • Dieffenthaller, Raymond Edwin (Gold)
    • McNish, Althea"Althea McNish" (Mrs John Weiss) (Gold)
    • Reece, Erna (Gold)
    • Ward, Joshua Emmanuel (Gold)
    • Hingwan, Edwin (posthumous) (Silver)

    1975 awards

    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Bartholomew, Courtenay (Dr)
    • Crichlow, Nathaniel (Senator) - trade unionist
    • Dymally, Mervyn (Senator)
    • Henry, Zin (Dr)
    • Hudson-Phillips, Henry, QC
    • Lloyd, Clive, CBE, AO - West Indies cricketer (Honorary)
    • Murray, Deryck (Mr)
    • Poon King, Theodosius (Dr)
    • Robinson, Sir Harold
    • Walls, Victor (Rev. Dr)

    1974 awards

    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Blackman, Fitzgerald (Alderman) posthumous
    • De la Bastide, Karl Phillipe De Jacques (Justice)
    • Gibbs, Lance (Mr) (Honorary)
    • Julien, Bernard (Mr)
    • Kanhai, Rohan (Mr) (Honorary)
    • Pierre, Joseph Henry (Sir)
    • Rowe, Lawrence (Mr) (Honorary)
    • Wattley, George Hippolyte (Dr)

    1973 awards

    Trinity Cross
    • La Borde, Charles Harold (Mr)
    • La Borde, Mary Kwailan (Mrs)
    • Boos, Werner James (Sir), CBE posthumous
    • Hyatali, Isaac (The Honourable Sir)
    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Archbald-Crichlow, Beryl May (Mrs)
    • Armoogam, George Victor (Mr)
    • Atteck, Sybil (Miss)
    • O'Connor, Quintin (Mr) posthumous
    • Vaucrosson, Walter Ferdinand (Dr)
    • Waite, Joan Teresa (Sister)

    1972 awards

    Trinity Cross
    • Archbald, Rupert Carlyle, QC
    • Marcano, George Roderick (Dr)
    • Sobers, Garfield St. Auburn, West Indies cricketer AO, OCC - Honorary
    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Boucard, Dennis (Mr)
    • Girwar, Norman (Mr)
    • Mc Naughton-Jones, Cynthia (Mrs)

    1971 awards

    Trinity Cross
    • Barboza, Mario Gibson (Mr)
    • Constantine, Learie (Baron) - posthumous
    • Maurice, Julius Hamilton (Mr)
    • Mc Shine, Arthur Hugh (Sir) - Kt. Bach.
    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Francis, Aldwin Gerard (Dr)
    • Hoyte, Ralph Allan St. Clair (Dr)
    • Johnstone, Helen May (Mrs) - CBE
    • Julien, Kenneth (Professor)
    • Julien, Mark Thomas Inskip (Senator)
    • Lewis, Leon Ferdinand Earle (Dr)

    1970 awards

    Trinity Cross
    • Butler, Tubal Uriah Buzz (Mr), labour leader
    • Granado, Mr Donald C. (His Excellency)
    • Richards, George, QC
    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Best, Wilfred D. (Mr)
    • Lee Lum, Edwin (Mr)
    • Pilgrim, Grant E. (Mr)
    • Robertson, Elbert S. (Dr)
    • Wyke, David A. (Dr)

    1969 awards

    Trinity Cross
    • Capildeo, Rudranath (Dr)
    • Clarke, Ellis (Sir), CMG, QC
    • Hochoy, Solomon (His Excellency Sir), GCMG, GCVO, OBE
    • Ryan, Finbar (His Excellency Count), OP
    • Wooding, Hugh (The Right Honourable Sir), PC, CBE, QC
    Chaconia Medal (Gold)
    • Brathwaite, Lloyd (Professor)
    • Graf, Leonard Joseph (Reverend Father)
    • Grant, Kenneth Lindsay (Sir), OBE
    • Harper, John A. V. (Mr) posthumous
    • Jeffers, Audrey (Miss) posthumous
    • Maharaj, Pundit Karoo Ojah, MBE
    • Mc Shine, Louis Anselm Halsey, CBE
    • Waterman, James A. (Dr), OBE
    Chaconia Medal (Silver)
    • Bynoe, Margaret
    • Joseph, Harry
    • Kelshall, Ralph
    • McBride, Cevella Niki
    • Romilly, Cleopatra
    Hummingbird Medal
    • Atwell, Winifred (Gold)
    • Carr, Andrew (Gold)
    • McBurnie, Beryl (Gold)
    • Selvon Samuel (Gold)
    • Walcott, Derek (Gold) Honorary
    • Bailey, George – carnival bandleader (Silver)
    • Chang, Carlisle (Silver)
    • Slinger, Francisco, "Mighty Sparrow" (Silver)
    • Roberts, Aldwyn (Silver)
    • Mannette, Ellie (Silver)
    • Roberts, Edwin (Silver)
    Public Service Medal of Merit
  • Alladin, M. P.(Gold)
  • Constitutional controversy

    On 17 April 2008 the Cabinet agreed that the name of the highest national award should be The Order of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, that the name of the Society to replace the Order of the Trinity should be The Distinguished Society of Trinidad and Tobago, that the highest national award should be re-designed so as to replace the Cross with a Medal and that the Letters Patent should be amended to give effect to those decisions.
    Subsequently, in Sanatan Dharma Maha Sabha of Trinidad and Tobago Inc & Ors v Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago 2009 UKPC 17 (28 April 2009) the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in London, on appeal from the Court of Appeal of Trinidad and Tobago, held that the creation of the Trinity Cross of the Order of the Trinity breached the constitutional rights of non-Christians to equality and to freedom of conscience and belief. However, the council also made a declaration that the judgment should not have retrospective effect: nothing in this judgment should be taken to apply to any awards of this high honour that were made under the system that the Letters Patent established before the date of the.. judgment. (per Lord Hope of Craighead at para 42).

    External links

    • Privy Council judgment
    • National Awards

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