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  Rader, Roeder, or sometimes Raeder are surnames with German roots believed to be Americanized spellings of the German surnames Röder and Räder and may refer to:
In law:
  • Dennis Rader, American serial killer
  • Randall Ray Rader, circuit judge
In religion:
  • Paul Rader, the 15th General of The Salvation Army
  • In sports:
    • Dave Rader (American football), coach of the University of Tulsa Golden Hurricane
    • Dave Rader (baseball), American baseball player
    • Don Rader (baseball), American baseball player
    • Doug Rader, former third baseman in Major League Baseball who was known primarily for his defensive ability
    • Peary Rader, early bodybuilder, Olympic lifter, writer, and magazine publisher from Nebraska
    In other fields:
    • Daniel Rader, professor at the University of Pennsylvania
    • Frank Rader, Mayor of Los Angeles from 1894 until 1896
    • Erich Raeder, a Grand Admiral of the German Kriegsmarine during the Nazi era
    • Gary Rader, U.S. Army Special Forces Reservist who burned his draft card

    See also

    • Rader, Missouri, a community in the United States
    • Rader's FFT algorithm, fast Fourier transform algorithm that computes the discrete Fourier transform of prime sizes
    • Ræder

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